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Targeted approach amplifies Medicare AEP campaign.

Media Logic helped MVP create distinct regionalized campaigns for their Medicare AEP effort – enabling the health insurer to convey specific information about benefits and rates to cut through a crowded and competitive field.

Being in the enviable position of being able to offer plans for 2019 with better benefits – and in many cases lower rates – MVP’s AEP campaign included a full direct mail cadence, individual landing pages, TV, radio, print, outdoor, email, paid search and even a Post-ANOC letter.

Using simple, bold statements and powerful imagery, the pieces helped demonstrate the richness of MVP’s 2019 Medicare offering – each tailor-made for the targeted region.

Primary Region. Laptop showing landing page and letter package on desk
Wermont Region. Laptop showing landing page and letter package on desk
Rochester Region. Tablet showing landing page and letter package on table
Expansion Counties. Laptop showing website and selfmailer on table

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