Launching a startup company offering an innovative medical treatment.

Airflow Sleep took the existing life-saving science of effectively increasing airflow for patients in operating rooms and adapted it for the bedroom – helping people suffering from snoring and sleep apnea. Developing a variety of specially-engineered pillows for all sleep styles and body types, the company’s mission is to help people breathe better, sleep better, and ultimately live better. Media Logic was tapped to help launch this ambitious startup company.

We worked with Airflow Sleep on all aspects of their company launch – product design, price testing, brand building, and web development. Recognizing that personal experience is critical to product adoption, Media Logic even helped Airflow Sleep design appealing and comfortable cooling and wicking branded covers; as well as the packaging for its innovative pillow line.

In addition, we helped build thought leadership and awareness of the company and its products by engaging with cardiovascular-focused physicians and sleep professionals at industry events – including the introduction of Airflow Sleep at the AHA Scientific Sessions, a major American Heart Association conference. We designed Airflow Sleep’s exhibit display and produced a powerful multimedia presentation that helped promote the product concept for conference attendees as well as capture hundreds of leads from healthcare practices across the country.

Airflow Sleep brand deck
Airflow Sleep trade show booth
Airflow sleep website on laptop Airflow Sleep website on Ipad
Airflow Sleep back pillow on bed
Airflow Sleep side pillow packaging and contents

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