Co-Brand Card Marketing

Ready to drive more card acquisitions or increase usage by fully leveraging co-brand affinity? Looking to launch a co-brand product, and need help sharpening strategy or elevating creative? Want to boost both on-brand and off-brand spending, to move and keep your card Top of Wallet? Or any other co-brand card marketing challenge?

Talk to Media Logic. We’ve worked with some of the most recognized brands in the world – hotels, airlines, retail stores, online retailers, sports teams, luxury brands and beyond – to develop hundreds of successful co-brand credit card efforts with a range of financial partners. We have deep experience working with multiple stakeholders, and ensuring satisfaction for all.

Marketing co-brand cards presents a unique set of challenges, and we know how to meet them – balancing the power and pull of the master brand with credit card marketing best practices. From product construct and the development of the card’s value proposition to branding, product launch and beyond, we have experience in every aspect of co-brand card marketing. Turning your consumers’ brand affinity into your success.

We Offer:

  • Strategic planning
  • Branding & product launch
  • Acqusition, EMOB and retention

To Help You:

  • Capture multi-partner branding
  • Maximize brand loyalty
  • Boost share of wallet

Better co-brand card marketing starts now.

Media Logic is a proven partner in the research and development of positioning, value propositions, benefit evaluation and hierarchy of messaging for co-brand card marketing – giving every campaign a foundation for success.

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