Fun. Talented. Passionate.

Meet the people of Media Logic.

Allie Harbuck

Social Content Manager

Allie loves trying something new whether it’s sewing her own clothes, making pottery, or hosting a radio show. She brings her can-do attitude to work where she loves pioneering content marketing ideas and doing research deep dives.

Allison Saliba

Sr. Project Manager

Allison makes a great first impression. But it’s her desire to help and drive to succeed that make sure her second (and third, and fourth) are even better. She’s a huge asset to the Media Logic team.

Amy Keith

Operations & Training Manager

Amy's big on lists. Or rather, crossing things off them. She likes processes, organization, efficiency. She's good at figuring out when something's working, and fixing it when it's not. After spending 20 years at Media Logic, she's pretty much got us figured out.

Arte Levy

Sr. Account Director

Arte can build anything. If a tool exists, you can be sure he knows how to use it (and probably already owns it). His ability to engineer solutions and figure things out piece by piece provides a great asset to our Financial Services account team.

Brooke Gross

Account Director

You'd be hard-pressed to find a savvier Account Director than Brooke. But she's equally remarkable in her role as ML's official unofficial Troy ambassador.

Caitlin Nicholson

Sr. Social Content Manager

With a background in journalism, marketing and language services – plus a big fan of Jane Austen and Oscar Wilde – Caitlin is steeped in her craft. But don’t cross her: she also loves The Godfather and Game Of Thrones.

Carol Ainsburg

Director of Studio Services

Carol has a knack for making things work. It could be print production. Or it could be old house wiring. That's what Carol does. She figures things out and makes them work better. And as Director of Studio Services, it's exactly what she does for us at Media Logic.

Carolee Bennett

Sr. Social Content Manager/Team Leader

As a backpacker and poet, Carolee channels her energy and intensity into finding new perspectives on the world around her. And as a Senior Social Content Manager, her way with words and ability to navigate the online wilderness make her a vital part of the Media Logic team.

Chelsea Preston

Sr. Designer

Game night wunderkind. Calligrapher. Athlete and adventurer. Chelsea’s interests extend far beyond the reach of Sr. Designer.

Christian Salmonsen

Sr. Art Director

Christian is an exacting problem solver. As Senior Art Director, he crafts clean, elegant solutions that look just as good going into production as they do in the concept stage.

David Schultz

Founder & CEO

After three decades helming Media Logic, David has a simple formula for success: Work smart. Listen closely. People first. Integrity above all. (And, when possible, watch the Mets.)

David Wilson

Sr. Creative Director

David is a writer. Of copy. Of screenplays. Of novels. Of songs. Of whatever. If it relies on the ability of language to elicit emotion, David does it. And thankfully, he does it for us.

Denise Carney-Jones

Group Director

27+ years at Media Logic. And still no two days are ever the same. Something urgent is always demanding attention, or changing your approach. But that's the fun of it - pulling together smart, talented, passionate people in pursuit of great work. And of course, with three kids, Denise is no stranger to managing chaos.

Elicia Johnson

Sr. Digital Artist / Team Leader

Icelandic born. Fearless and unflappable. Handy with a calligrapher's pen. That's either the start of an epic folktale or the bio for beloved Senior Digital Artist and Team Leader, Elicia.

Emilie Cardone-Russo

Sr. Traffic Manager

Detail oriented. Likes puzzles. Big fan of having a plan. When you're casting for the role of problem-solving Sr. Traffic Manager, Emilie is a dream find.

George Nagy

Sr. Interactive Developer / Analyst

George is a unique bridge between our two worlds - his technical fluency when developing websites, analyzing trends, and optimizing for organic search balanced by a capability for conveying complex ideas in simple terms for the less tech savvy among us. We're glad we have a George.

Greg Johnson

Director of Design and Visual Innovation

If you see Greg with his headphones on, you know he's in the zone. Just don't ask what he's actually listening to (it'll spoil the illusion).

Heidi Rodgers

Sr. Project Manager - Account Lead

Heidi is a people person. She's positive, encouraging, and good at working through problems. But she's no pushover. That combination is what makes her such a good Senior Project Manager.

Ivan Marrero

Sr. Art Director

Ivan loves discovering new things at Media Logic. As long as that something new isn't a bug with more than eight legs.

Jen Kobylar

Director of Social Content Management

Jen has taken on all kinds of challenges and roles at Media Logic over the years. Now, as Director of Social Content Management, she's drawing on wide-ranging expertise to inspire her team and help them shine.

Jim McDonald

Head of Strategic Growth

Whether it's figuring out new tech at home or getting to the heart of what a new client might need, Jim is always hunting for the optimum solution - engineering the best possible experience for everyone involved.

Jim Sciancalepore

Vice President / Sr. Creative Director

From healthcare and high-tech to vodka and banking, Jim has been making concepts stronger and brands less bland for 25+ years. Occasional author. Sometime chef. Air Hockey Master.

Josh Martin

Group Director

Josh brings optimism and energy to every project he works on - along with a fastidious commitment to organization that keeps us all on our game.

Lindsay Paulsen

Social Content Manager

Whether handling horses or taming pesky sentences, Lindsay says she can solve just about any problem, given enough hay bailing twine and duct tape. Oh, and a motivational donut.

Lloyd Lawrence

Sr. Digital Artist

Whether he's refining an important DM piece, directing his local hand bell choir, or bleeding orange at the Carrier Dome, you can always count on Lloyd to bring great passion to everything he does.

Madeline Devine

Sr. Project Manager

From getting into Jimmy Fallon to turning a Today Show visit into a free trip to Vegas, Maddie has a gift for being in the right place at the right time. So we take it as a good sign she’s now here at Media Logic.

Mary Bernard

Social Content Manager

A proud member of Gen Z, you could say Mary’s gift for writing deft social media copy is in her genes.

Melissa Jurgelon

Human Resources Administrator

Melissa is ML's one-stop-problem-solving-shop for just about anything you can think of. But even that doesn't do her justice. With her positive attitude and a gift for multitasking, Melissa embodies the spirit of what makes Media Logic… Media Logic.

Michael Rodgers

Sr. Art Director

Curiosity is a powerful motivator. Just ask our art directing, motion graphics making, hackintosh building, AV expert, handyman, softball coach and Team Mojo mainstay, Mike.

Natasha Rodriguez-Bacchus

Sr. Digital Artist/UX-UI Lead

You might be surprised to learn that Natasha hates the texture of citrus. You might also be surprised to learn that a person can have such incredibly strong feelings for a subset of fruit. Such is the enigma that is Natasha.

Nicole Johnson

Group Director

A “Type A” personality who’s also the personification of a “middle child?” That’s the dichotomy that makes Nicole such a powerful force. ML’s passionate, opinionated peacekeeper.

Patrick Boegel

Director of Media Integration

Patrick has a knack for understanding the intersection of media, technology and marketing. Also, the intersection of water, barley, yeast, and hops.

Phyllis Niner

Group Director

You can't help but be inspired by Phyllis. Whether she's talking about a new biz opportunity, her latest travel adventure, or a promising new restaurant, you won't find anyone more tenacious, passionate and committed to her coworkers and clients.

Robyn Olmstead

Sr. Digital Artist

Robyn loves the outdoors. Hiking. Boating. Exploring new places. But she also likes relaxing at home with her pal, Rosie. What else are you going to do with a 40 lb. pug?

Scott Rodgers

Sr. Creative Director

20+ years writing copy. Nearly 30 playing guitar. Not everyone can say they're equally prepared to deconstruct health plan communications AND rock a Broadalbin bar mitzvah.

Shana Yerry

Sr Traffic Manager/Team Leader

Shana doesn't like downtime. Doesn't sleep in. And doesn't like being bored. Sounds like a perfect match for Media Logic.

Sheila Phillips

Account Director

How organized is Sheila? Well, her college application essay was about her system for writing down the outfits she wears each day. Some might call that obsessive. We call it an admirable trait in a Senior Project Manager.

Silvy Lang

Associate Media Director

An immigrant who became an American citizen at the age of 16, Silvy is the personification of determination. In fact she's been working in this industry since (literally) the day after she graduated. As Associate Media Director, Silvy is a champion for our agency, and our clients.

Suzanne Fiori

Director of Finance and Human Resources

As Director of Finance and Human Resources, Suzanne is ML's resident number cruncher. She's also our greatest cheerleader (figuratively and literally) - rallying the troops for everything from Team Mojo events and booster clubs to going to see her husband's band play.

Thomas Gebauer

Director of Interactive Integration

The only thing Tom devours faster than new technology is music. An avid show-goer, he's not above travelling 150 miles or more to check out a favored act. That shows dedication. Something we definitely appreciate here at Media Logic.

Tom Livingston

Sr. Front-End Developer

As Senior Front-End Developer, Tom gets to mix both his artistic side and his more technical side. He likes the code. But also the creativity. And you just can't beat the instant gratification of creating for the web.

Vicki Venditti

Sr. Project Manager - Account Lead

Vicki likes being challenged. Good thing, because we keep her on her toes, often asking for more than what's in her job description as Senior Project Manager. From helping production to proofing to voiceover work, Vicki's always willing to lend a hand or go the extra mile.

Fun Facts

Media Logic is home to accomplished athletes and a secret screenwriter. We even have a certified beer judge on staff.

The skylight above our design department contains 24 separate panels of glass. Yes, we counted.

Traffic permitting, you can make it from our front door to the blackjack table at Rivers Casino in about 20 minutes. #justsayin

When Media Logic was founded, the average price of a gallon of gas was $1.10.

A Media Logician has stood on every continent but Antarctica. (Help us complete the set?)

What we love about working here:

We’re all about teamwork – working toward a common goal. Unless it’s March Madness or football season; that’s survival of the fittest.

Christian, Sr. Art Director

We’re always learning, always growing, constantly reinventing to keep up with changes in the industry.

Denise, Management Supervisor

I really enjoy seeing the before and after…where clients were before and where we were able to take them.

Jim M., Director of Business Development

I’ve never felt more at home at a company than here at Media Logic…and I felt that way right away.

Fred, Sr. Account Supervisor

We really respect each other for what we bring to the table…we always pull together to get things done.

Melissa, Sr. Human Resources Administrator

I like having the freedom to try new things – I’m always learning something new.

Mike, Sr. Art Director

Media Logic is a special place to belong to and believe in – a great place to dedicate your creative passions.

Carol, Director of Studio Services

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