New-to-Medicare Marketing

Is your New-to-Medicare marketing working hard enough? Are you happy with the quantity and quality of your leads? Looking to lower your cost per lead and sharpen your value proposition, all while improving return on marketing investment? From a lifetime ROI perspective, New-to-Medicare consumers may be your most valuable prospects – make sure you’re maximizing every marketing dollar.

Talk to the experts at Media Logic. Starting with our proven, New-to-Medicare lead generation strategies – currently being deployed successfully year-round in markets coast-to-coast – we will customize our approach around your market, your opportunities and your brand. We can also support your sales nurturing process with consumer-friendly collateral and explainer videos, content marketing and other tactics to help educate and build trust with your prospects. Helping you reach and exceed your goals.

We Offer:

  • Strategic planning
  • Creative development
  • Targeting and consumer profiling
  • Reporting & refinement

To Help You:

  • Generate more leads
  • Nurture prospects into customers
  • Build a steady prospect pipeline
  • Maximize ROI

Is your New-to-Medicare approach out of date?

Discover key insights that will help you modernize and improve your NTM recruitment efforts.

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New-to-Medicare Shopper Attitudes: 2023 Healthcare Marketing Survey

New-to-Medicare Shopper Attitudes: 2023 Healthcare Marketing Survey

As part of our ongoing series of healthcare consumer surveys, Media Logic's Consumer In Sight research team surveyed seniors aged 63-68 who were in the process of enrolling or had enrolled in the last 12 months. We asked questions about their experience with Medicare enrollment, coverage goals and how they educate themselves about options.