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Internal marketing helps health insurer “live the brand.”

The success of any brand launch or refresh is contingent on organizational buy-in. Otherwise, it’s just an empty marketing promise. Thus, one of the most important brand launch media you can use is right under your nose – your own workspace.

As part of a multi-year rebranding campaign for MVP Health Care, Media Logic helped infuse the health insurer’s brand platform and promise throughout their headquarters – from the parking garage to the lobby and other spaces.

Beyond simply displaying flagship brand creatives, we developed environmental signage and original artwork to inspire and motivate MVP team members (and their many daily visitors) about the company’s personal brand – reminding them of the impact and importance of the service they provide.

It was all part of a broader internal education effort that helped make them more than “employees”…but engaged brand ambassadors who share the same mission.

That’s how you build a meaningful brand.

MVP brand sign on lobby wall
MVP signage on the walls of parking garage
MVP brand sign MVP signage on the walls of parking garage, close up

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