COVID-19 Response: Rapid launch of telemedicine service.

Based in New York State, MVP Health Care serves some of the regions that were hit hardest during the COVID-19 crisis. Beyond simply providing health insurance, MVP recognized an urgent public health need in its communities. To help alleviate the strain on emergency departments and to encourage social distancing to stem the spread of the virus, MVP quickly launched a 24/7 telemedicine service (in partnership with United Concierge Medicine) that was expressly focused on COVID-19 – with help from longtime marketing partner, Media Logic.

Developed in little over a week, the effort included:
• Naming and custom-branding MVP’s myERnow telemedicine mobile app
• Creating a microsite to help educate MVP members about the service and the variety of ways to access it
• Outreach to members and the broader community, including a co-branded print ad with another regional health insurer that was offering a similar service to its members

It all combined to give MVP members a simple, safe way to get the expert information they needed during a challenging time, while helping to make the entire community safer.

Landing page sections shown on close up of mobile phone and Ipad.
Newspaper showing print ad laying on kitchen sink.

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