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Top 10 Financial Services Marketing Blog Posts of 2020

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top financial services marketing blog posts

Good news! Compilation of Media Logic’s most popular financial services marketing blog posts for the year means we’re almost done with 2020. Since there’s still work ahead of us in the fight against COVID-19, it’s too early to breathe a sigh of relief, but it does feel like an accomplishment to make it this far.

Just as the pandemic dominated headlines and households this year, it’s a main focus of the most popular posts on our financial services marketing blog for 2020. But one of the challenges of 2020 was—when possible—figuring out how to keep an eye on the long game (i.e. the future return of business as usual) while juggling the urgent needs presented by economic struggles and lockdowns. As such, you’ll see a mix of other topics on the list, as well, including marketing to the affluent segment and trying out new content marketing vehicles, like TikTok and podcasts.

We’re grateful for your readership and hope you’ve found our tips for bolstering your marketing strategies—while facing a global crisis—helpful throughout the year. As you plan for the coming months, we invite you to take a look at these perspectives from Media Logic’s financial services marketing experts and incorporate the best practices they highlight in your future marketing campaigns.

1. Five Credit Card Acquisition Strategies to Implement Now
Our team agrees that B2C marketers should explore these card acquisition strategies from Mintel, but we don’t stop there. We’ve added a layer of insights to each based on Media Logic’s industry experience.

2. 8 Tips to Navigate the Evolving Affluent Market
We’ve identified the “next normal” list of affluent marketing tips. From striking the right tone to revisiting affluent basic requirements like top-notch customer service, these tips can help shape your affluent marketing campaigns for 2020 and beyond.

3. Time for TikTok? Considerations for Financial Services Marketers
TikTok’s popularity with GenZ consumers provides marketers with a snapshot into how members of GenZ express themselves and what they are passionate about. Our content marketing team put together a list of considerations to determine if the emerging platform has a place in your content marketing strategy.

4. Financial Services Marketing Must Communicate Customer Pain Points During Pandemic
Proven best practices for financial services marketing—and good instincts—remained important to brands as they responded to challenges related to COVID-19. Using insights from an article in The Financial Brand, we’ve surfaced a few basic principles for what marketing campaigns require now and moving forward.

5. How Co-Brand Travel Cards Can Navigate the Travel Downturn
Travel brands and their issuing partners need to think broadly about how to sustain spending on co-brand cards, while also executing acquisition campaigns. Our team spotted some new solutions from these brands and observed a few interesting promotions from non- co-brand cards that are instructive.

6. Amex Taps Consumer Desire to Help Small Businesses Recover from the Pandemic
With its Shop Small campaign, American Express is recognizing—and acting on—sentiment pointing to the value consumers place on local businesses and their desire to help. Here, our financial services marketing team details the strategy behind the campaign and the tactics it deploys.

7. Using Podcasts to Engage Bank and Credit Union Customers
Check out our list of over 20 active financial services podcasts, along with considerations for banks and credit unions that want to use the extremely popular medium to engage customers and prospects.

8. Contactless Payments’ Uptick and Future Habituation
Listen to Nicole Johnson, who heads up Media Logic’s Financial Services team, as she fills you in on increasing rates of contactless payments adoption and describes how new insights should influence your marketing campaigns.

9. Marketing ATMs and Drive-Up Tellers: COVID’s Impact on Retail Banking
COVID-19 caused spikes in traffic to ATMs and drive-up tellers. Some financial institutions actively marketed the options, and the shift may impact retail banking going forward.

10. The Resurgence of Member-Get-Member Referral Campaigns
Member-get-member credit card acquisition has been around for some time, but we’ve been seeing the traditional paper-based execution giving way to more sophisticated, effective digital campaigns.

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