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The Resurgence of Member-Get-Member Referral Campaigns

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Member-Get-Member Credit Card Acquisition

Media Logic consistently monitors credit card acquisition efforts, and we’ve been noting a resurgence in referral campaigns. This tactic – also known as member-get-member – has been around for some time, but we’re seeing the traditional paper-based execution giving way to more sophisticated, effective digital campaigns. This transition in member-get-member credit card acquisition delivers a range of enhancements, allowing them to be more interesting, personalized and, as a result, more effective.

Here, our financial services marketing team provides a quick status of the referral approach to acquisition (including its premise and origin), along with highlights of member-get-member credit card acquisition campaigns executed by top brands.

If you have questions about how to use member-get-member tactics in your credit card acquisition strategy, please feel free to contact us.

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