Medicare Marketing Insights: Senior Media Preferences

• Author: Healthcare Team

senior media preferences

Some might think that social media is exclusive to younger generations. You might be surprised to find out that seniors have, in fact, embraced social media. Media habits and preferences of seniors are constantly changing. As healthcare marketers, it is important to keep tabs on current trends to help optimize marketing budgets targeting this segment.

We surveyed over 400 men and women aged 64 and older about their media habits. We asked them a series of questions about which types of media they prefer for news versus entertainment, what devices they view media on, and which services they use the most.

Insights from our study on senior media preferences can be used to help healthcare marketers optimize Medicare marketing channel selection and targeting for both New-to-Medicare marketing and Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) marketing.

Our conclusion? Targeting the 65+ audience requires an integrated, diverse media approach.

If you want to see all of the insights, you can view the 2018 Media Habits Study below as an infographic or click here for a printable, 13-page PDF.

senior media habits

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