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insights for marketing to seniors

3 Insights for Effectively Marketing to Seniors

Our 2018 Senior Media Habits Study revealed that senior media habits are not only evolving, but are diverse. Based on responses to our study, we recognized opportunities for effectively marketing to the senior segment, and we have a few insights that can help.


GDPR Is Going Into Effect, Whether it Affects You or Not

As new GDPR regulations go into effect, healthcare marketers are wondering if they are affected. We've included a downloadable GDPR Guide with valuable information.

What Healthcare Marketers Can Learn from the Viral HuffPost Piece on Millennials’ Financial Future

Healthcare marketers are instrumental in understanding the relationship between Millennials and their needs. Once marketers understand this, they can effectively communicate how their plan offerings best answer to this generation’s health and financial needs. A viral piece from the Huffington Post details more about the misunderstanding of this audience.

3 Native Advertising Strategies for Healthcare Marketers

Successful native advertisement takes time, energy and well-crafted content. Here are three strategies to keep in mind when using native content advertising.

6 Key Statistics About Millennials and Telemedicine

With Millennials expressing difficulty in navigating traditional health systems, how can providers and insurers connect with this important group of consumers? New approaches are needed and evidence suggests that telemedicine may be the right fit for this tech savvy, cost conscious generation.

Google’s Parent Company Launches New Healthcare Startup

Cityblock, a new kind of healthcare system, plans to partner with community-based organizations, health plans and provider organizations to reconfigure the delivery – both physically and virtually – of health and social services.

MVP Health Care Speaks Directly to Vermont

Responding to new market opportunities in Vermont, Media Logic recently developed a multimedia campaign for MVP Health Care that included everything from TV and radio ads, to print, DM, paid search, and more.

Media Logic Taps Age-In Experience for Piedmont Community Health Plan

For our recent campaign with Piedmont Community Health Plan, Media Logic created an integrated effort built on years of agency Medicare best practices. The campaign featured targeted direct mail, a custom microsite and paid search.

Millennials Demand a Different Kind of Healthcare

Unlike previous generations, Millennials’ expectations and behaviors don’t necessarily align with having a primary care doctor or visiting a doctor’s office regularly. This is why healthcare payers and providers need to end the status quo and shake up the way healthcare is done to appeal to the growing market of Millennials.

Orthopedic Campaign Promotes Life-changing Procedure

Media Logic helped Bassett Healthcare, an innovative and unique healthcare system serving people living all throughout central New York, promote a new procedure with a recent orthopedic marketing campaign.