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Senior Media Habits Survey Survey

Medicare Marketing Insights: 2019 Senior Media Preferences

In order to optimize Medicare marketing budgets, it is important to understand ever-changing senior media preferences and habits. This is year two of our Senior Media Habits Study designed to help healthcare marketers keep tabs on the current trends.

senior media preferences

Medicare Marketing Insights: Senior Media Preferences

In order to optimize Medicare marketing budgets, it is important to understand ever-changing senior media preferences and habits. To help healthcare marketers keep tabs on the current trends we surveyed over 400 men and women aged 64 and older on their media habits.

Financial Service Brands, Are You Banking on Social Media?

“Amateurish.” “Hibernation.” “Clumsily.” Three words that organizations certainly don’t want describing their social marketing efforts and practices. Unfortunately, for a majority of wealth managers and private banks, this is the reality, according to a recent study of 50 leading financial services brands.

In Praise of Ballyhoo

P. T. Barnum once said, “Without promotion, something terrible happens: Nothing!” Barnum knew promotion. He used the social media of his day, the word-of-mouth of a thousand excited kids triggered by a couple advance men and a few handbills, to build anticipation for events featuring the “Fiji mermaid,” General Tom Thumb and Jumbo the Elephant. Our young democracy ate it up. Today, we’re quick to laugh at the “gullibility” of P. T. Barnum’s customers, rubes suckered in by “obvious” hoaxes like the Cardiff Giant. But history records few cases of customers complaining or demanding their money back. Why?

How I Save Moolah Using Social Media

Though I’m nowhere near the level of intensity packed into one episode of TLC’s Extreme Couponing, I do consider myself an on-the-rise frugalista who knows that forking over full-price for everything was so five years ago. Clearly, I’m not the only one: Valassis released a stat earlier this year claiming shoppers saved $3.7 billion using coupons in 2010. That’s a lot of clipping. Or was it? The social media geek in me has to wonder: How much of those banked bucks were thanks to Facebook and its social-platform counterparts? I ask because these days, all of my money-saving or freebie-amassing has to do with logging on somewhere. With that, I give you my top five ways to save moolah using social media, both from a consumer perspective and “insider” view.

Bad to Buy Likers on Facebook? Not Necessarily!

Tara Coomans’ article in Business2Community about buying Facebook likers offers an important cautionary tale about social media. She warns that marketers should not convince brands that fans are leads and that brands should not believe that fans will equal sales. She reminds us that relationships grown organically are the ones of lasting value. But when Tara cautions, “Buying fans is a waste of money and probably a threat to your brand,” I am reminded about a social media (and universal) rule – few things are true absolutely. After all, there is “buying likers,” and then there is “buying likers.”

Fighting for Acceptance: Social Media and MMA

I’m a huge fan of mixed martial arts. I love everything about it – the competition, the talent, the thrill. And like most MMA junkies living in the great state of New York, I’m waiting with baited breath to be able to attend a live fight in my own home town. But that’s another post for another blog. Well … maybe not. See, the way I look at it, the controversy surrounding the legalization of MMA in New York is directly related to one thing: its reputation. Or, more specifically: the misinformation that has formed its reputation. And, boys and girls, what do we know about misinformation? It often occurs due to a lack of communication, a lack of awareness. It’s no surprise to me that many people who oppose MMA admittedly don’t actually know that much about it. Dana White – president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), the largest MMA promotion company in the world – knows this all too well. That’s why he spends who-knows-how-many thousands of dollars trying to educate the public on the sport. In his fight to win over New York lawmakers, he’s written opinion pieces in city newspapers, commissioned studies to show how much revenue MMA fights would bring to the state, and done countless interviews with news channels and radio shows. And while he’s educating lawmakers and the public about MMA, he’s doing something else, as a result: a heck of a lot of marketing and promotion for both the sport and his company. Pretty smooth. But White’s smartest move in this “fan base acquisition” endeavor, without question, was his decision to take UFC social.