Citi Double Cash Card Welcome Kit: Chock Full of Best Practices

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Citi Double Cash Card Welcome Kit

This is not the first time we’ve written about the Citi Double Cash Card: we’re not hiding the fact that we find the product intriguing. In a sea of complicated rewards cards, this product’s simplicity stands out. And as marketers, we like how that simplicity translates into the card’s marketing efforts.

We last noted how we appreciated the card’s “incredouble” social promotion that paired two great things together because it effectively played off the product’s positioning and value proposition (double cash back).

Since then, we have seen the card’s welcome kit and must report that we admire it, as well. It adheres to just about every EMOB best practice we preach.

First, the OE clearly welcomes the cardholder to the card and to twice the cash back – not in an overly clever way, but in a succinct, simple manner.

Citi Double Cash Back Welcome Kit OE front

Citi Double Cash Back Welcome Kit OE back

Open the envelope and you’ll find a single insert – no letter, just an insert – with a cover that carries through the product’s actual card design in both shape and design (there’s no mistaking the product identity here).

Citi Double Cash Back Welcome Kit insert

Expand the accordion-fold insert and you will find engaging, yet short and scannable, content, along with best practice after best practice, including:

  • reinforcement of the card’s value prop, followed by short copy that expresses the product’s positioning (“The only card that earns you cash back twice on every purchase”).

Citi Double Cash Back welcome kit reinforces credit card's value prop

  • an easy-to-read chart that visually compares the product to other leading cash back cards and wisely highlights the card’s strengths and – more importantly – its key differentiator (cash back on payments).

Citi Double Cash Back welcome kit contains product comparison chart

  • clearly articulated “earn” without limits (1% back on purchases and 1% back as you pay for purchases) along with no caps, categories or enrollment.

Citi Double Cash Back welcome kit articulates earn without limits

  • clearly articulated “burn” structure and redemption options (telegraphed effectively using merchant logos).

Citi Double Cash Back welcome kit articulates burn structure

  • a single call-to-action (pictured above: to learn more about your card, visit the card’s marketing page).
  • a succinct summary of product benefits in the form of an easy-to-read checklist on the reverse side of the insert, above the legal disclaimers.

succinct summary of Citi Double Cash Back product benefits

  • a repeat of the single call-to-action (for more information, visit the card’s marketing page) following the product benefits summary.

Citi Double Cash Back welcome kit repeats single call-to-action

If we had one bit of constructive criticism, it would be that the explanation of the 1% back as you pay for purchases is not advanced from the acquisition DM. This may leave cardholders wanting  more information, but that explanation can be found on the card marketing page.

Otherwise, the card’s welcome kit is so simple and so effective: no multiple pieces to flip through, no guesswork needed (benefit language is clear and succinct leaving nothing to be misunderstood) and no multiple calls-to-action to confuse the reader.

Well done, Citi.


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