Author: Nicole Johnson

Review of EMOB marketing email for the Marriott Bonvoy

Marriott Bonvoy’s EMOB Email Marketing Stream Makes Our Hearts Skip a Beat

Seeing Marriott’s Early Month on Books marketing campaign was love at first sight, and this high-level analysis of its EMOB email stream confirms that the brand is doing a lot right when it comes to engaging new cardholders.

EMOB marketing strategy

10 Tips for Early Month on Book (EMOB) Marketing

It’s critical to get in front of new cardholders early and often to drive immediate activation and usage. Using these tried-and-true best practices, you can craft a strategic EMOB plan that improves your chances of becoming top of wallet with a highly engaged cardholder base.

“We Have an Activation Problem,” Said the Bank Without an EMOB Plan

Many financial institutions can speak to their EMOB initiatives, but seldom are we able to get our hands on formalized plans that we can review and use to inform our recommendations. Why? Because more often than not, formalized EMOB plans don’t exist.

Bank of America life stage marketing

Bank of America Turns Life Stage Into a Product

While many financial institutions attempt to market life stage banking products/services and implement effective migration strategies we haven’t seen any do so as clearly and effectively – or in such a “productified” way – as Bank of America.

What I’ve Discovered About the Discover it Direct Mail Marketing Strategy

Discover has a killer acquisition mail strategy. It tests offers, formats, colors, charts, Johnson boxes, copy and hard-working vs. more creative approaches. You name it; Discover tests it.

How Financial Services Brands Use Instagram in Marketing Strategies

A Look at Instagram and Its Use in Financial Services Marketing

These examples from Chase, American Express and Citibank demonstrate how financial services brands can use Instagram to support both their value proposition and the platform's mission.

Discover is at

Discover Is at “it” Again

We are smitten with “Discover Freeze it” not only because it is a useful and welcomed credit card feature providing an enhanced sense of card security – easy, quick and controllable by cardholder – but also because the marketing and advertising is just so well done.

Chase Freedom – #forthefun

The #forthefun campaign gives Chase Freedom a personality boost while still focusing on its value prop: the juxtaposition of the card’s utility (“the card is for the essentials”) with the card’s end benefit (“the cash back is for the fun”).

Citi Double Cash Card Welcome Kit

Citi Double Cash Card Welcome Kit: Chock Full of Best Practices

The welcome kit for Citi's Double Cash Card adheres to just about every EMOB best practice Media Logic preaches.

combat banner blindness and get your banner ad seen

Combat Banner Blindness and Get Your Banner Ads Seen

In 2011 and 2012 banner ad response rates averaged only 0.1 percent. In other words, 99.9 percent of banner ads generated no measurable response. These results can be blamed on banner blindness – a phenomenon in which web users consciously, or subconsciously, ignore display banners ads.