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Examples of financial education content from banks

Financial Education Content Can Enhance Customer Loyalty

When done well, digital, self-serve financial education materials can improve customers' financial wellness, build consumer affinity for the brand and set the brand apart from its competitors. Here are some recent examples from top FIs!

Millennial Marketing Tips

A Millennial’s Take on the Right Vibe for Financial Services Marketing

In addition to noting some ground rules about Millennial marketing – like “avoid gimmicks and lengthy sales pitches” – this Millennial Marketing Showcase identifies some positive steps financial services brands are taking to reach this important audience.

As Banks Promote Zelle, They Start Winning the P2P Race

Banks spent many years supporting development of Zelle but only recently began a major push to integrate and promote it.

Credit Card Selectors: How Citi’s “Lifestyle” Quiz Tops the Competition

Online card selectors are very common among credit card issuers. They're also quite similar in their features and marketing messages. However, we noticed something quite different happening at Citibank.

Citi Double Cash Card Welcome Kit

Citi Double Cash Card Welcome Kit: Chock Full of Best Practices

The welcome kit for Citi's Double Cash Card adheres to just about every EMOB best practice Media Logic preaches.

#incredouble social promotion for Citi Double Cash Card

Citi Creates an “Incredouble” Social Promotion for its Double Cash Card

What happens when you put two great things together? Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups? Peanut butter and jelly? Starsky and Hutch? Citi recently asked this question as part of a social media promotion to create awareness for its new Double Cash Card.

Citi’s “Double Cash Card” Product Launch

A quick look at the product launch DM for Citi's Double Cash Back Card intrigues us, but also leaves us with some ambiguity. Here's what we like and what we think could be improved...

6 Factors Changing the Bank Branch Customer Experience

More and more, we see bank branches becoming a mix of environments: high touch for affluent where personal interaction is protected, and low touch – via technology – for mass market consumers. Banks are also reducing real estate and staffing costs as they move to branch models that encompass a strategic mix of venues. Here’s a quick look at why change is happening... and how that change is apparent right now.

Landing Now with U.S. Credit Card Issuers: Chip Technology

EMV chip technology – the standard payment technology in many countries worldwide – has come to U.S. credit card issuers slowly, primarily beginning with high-end travel and entertainment cards that attract international travelers. But now that chip is gaining awareness among U.S. consumers, domestic issuers are beginning to offer it more broadly. Because this payment technology can be confusing to consumers, it is imperative that communications about the technology and its benefits are clear.

How 13 Banks and Credit Unions Handle Community Guidelines on Facebook

Every Page on Facebook should publish community guidelines. These “rules of the road” put financial institutions and brands in charge of tone and content. Since an organization’s Timeline in its entirety (including comments and “posts by others”) affects both branding and the customer experience, this must be a priority.