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USAA Labs Participant Communication

USAA Is Crowdsourcing Innovation, But Not Communicating It

USAA Labs appears to be doing some really good work. However, the brand is not doing a good job at marketing its own product, representing a missed opportunity to harness customer interest and advocacy.

payment trends articles warn of competition

Continued Surge of Payment Options Makes Customer Communications (Even More) Vital

Articles on payment trends for 2019 include warnings for big banks about how to keep up and compete. We’ve heard these warnings before, of course, and what’s often missing is a reminder about the vital role customer communications play in launching and maintaining payment products.

Streamlined Onboarding and Welcome Kits Improve FS Customer Experience

Financial brand onboarding and welcome kits can be disorganized and non-cohesive and often contain too many inserts. Instead of building the brand, they can dilute it. There's a better way to create a customer relationship with a terrific brand experience.

Simple Bank turns privacy policy update into marketing opportunity

Simple Bank Proves Privacy Policy Updates Don’t Have to Be Boring

These kinds of customer communications are legally required. Simple is just like every other bank: it has to notify its customers. But Simple isn’t treating the task like every other bank.

When marketing narrow networks best approach is clarity and transparency

Naming “Narrow Networks” – How Nomenclature, Communication Can Ease the Transition

How can health insurers continue to offer these increasingly popular products without disappointing (or, according to some, outright deceiving) consumers?

Citi Double Cash Card Welcome Kit

Citi Double Cash Card Welcome Kit: Chock Full of Best Practices

The welcome kit for Citi's Double Cash Card adheres to just about every EMOB best practice Media Logic preaches.

Recent Chase credit card conversion follows best practices

Chase Makes Conversion Less Painful with Simple Best Practices

Our senior account supervisor recently lived through a credit card conversion after Chase decided to shift more of its card volume to Visa. As a financial service marketer, he knew the best practices needed to drive activation after a reissue and was really pleased to see how Chase approached this process.

Strategies for Retention of Health Exchange Enrollees Are Already Critical

Is it too early to talk about building retention, generating loyalty and encouraging advocacy? Absolutely not. And the credit card industry provides a great analog for customer communications in this new health exchange era.