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top financial services marketing posts of 2019

Top 10 Financial Services Marketing Blog Posts of 2019

As you prepare for a productive 2020 full of tried-and-true approaches and a healthy dose of fresh opportunities, we hope our Top 10 financial services marketing blog posts can be both instructive and inspirational.

Review of EMOB marketing email for the Marriott Bonvoy

Marriott Bonvoy’s EMOB Email Marketing Stream Makes Our Hearts Skip a Beat

Seeing Marriott’s Early Month on Books marketing campaign was love at first sight, and this high-level analysis of its EMOB email stream confirms that the brand is doing a lot right when it comes to engaging new cardholders.

Marketing to educate contactless cardholders

100,000,000 (and One) Reasons to Jump on the Contactless Card Marketing Bandwagon

Now is the time for bank and credit union marketers to actively invest in educating their contactless cardholders, benefit from the new contactless card infrastructure and compete with the big banks and other progressive competitors.

Transit to play a role in adoption of tap-to-pay

NYC Public Transit to Go Contactless, Push U.S. Adoption of Tap to Pay

The news that commuters using New York City Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) subways and buses will soon be able to “tap a contactless bank card or their mobile wallet at turnstiles” inspired CNBC to declare that "a world without cash is coming soon."

American Express, Visa and Mastercard Use Sponsorships to Promote Contactless Cards

We’re seeing financial services brands leverage major sponsorships in pursuit of specific business objectives. For example, Visa, Amex and Mastercard recently activated their sponsorships of premium events to increase trial and use of contactless payments.

financial services marketing during Super Bowl LI

Greatest Super Bowl Ever? Maybe Not for Financial Brands

It's almost a given that the “Big Game” will have commercials for cars, snack foods, beer, movies and consumer packaged goods. In 2017, many financial brands stayed on the sidelines… with three notable exceptions.

Recap of FS brand Super Bowl ads

Super Bowl 50 Ads: New Financial Services Brands Use Old Tactics… and “Visa” Versa

In the Super Bowl this year, we saw a trio of financial service “disruptors” use the tried and true Super Bowl brand spot to declare how they differ from traditional banks, while two older financial companies used less traditional tactics as part of their approach.

Orbitz uses rewards calculator in new credit card marketing

At-A-Glance: Orbitz Rewards Visa

What really caught my eye about this calculator was the direct, head-to-head comparison with other online travel booking sites. Orbitz is not taking on the whole travel industry; instead, it is taking on its direct competitors: Priceline, Hotels.com and Expedia. This is a very smart approach: there are a lot of players competing for travel loyalty, and Orbitz seems to have decided that it’s best to play to its base and stick to a smaller sub-segment of travelers.

A Departure from the Expected? The New Virgin America Visa Signature® Credit Cards

The card-marketing materials that are showing up in market tap Virgin America’s highly provocative brand personality. In a nod to the airline’s fun, playful mix of style, service and quality design, they capture unique brand details, such as the fuchsia-red color of the airline’s in-flight cabin mood lighting.

Black Card: Is it the New Black?

Since the current campaign touts “the NEW Visa Black Card,” we were curious to see how Barclays has updated the product.