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Orbitz uses rewards calculator in new credit card marketing

At-A-Glance: Orbitz Rewards Visa

What really caught my eye about this calculator was the direct, head-to-head comparison with other online travel booking sites. Orbitz is not taking on the whole travel industry; instead, it is taking on its direct competitors: Priceline, Hotels.com and Expedia. This is a very smart approach: there are a lot of players competing for travel loyalty, and Orbitz seems to have decided that it’s best to play to its base and stick to a smaller sub-segment of travelers.

Visa Makes NFL Fantasies Come True

As a long-time sponsor of the NFL, Visa knows that there are millions of fans who are passionate about the game. And so, historically, this financial services brand has used its NFL advertising campaigns to highlight that passion and bring it to life. We’re happy to see that this year is no different, and if anything it’s even more ambitious.

Watch Visa “Go” with Integrated Social Media

At first, the length of a Vine may seem limiting. What can you say in six seconds? Then along comes Visa to remind us that in a social media world, you can say a lot in six seconds. In fact, Visa has built an entire integrated campaign around it.

5 Ways App Banks Are Changing Financial Services Marketing

Exclusively online/mobile banks have caused some to speculate about the demise of bank branches (as they compile lists of banks that operate primarily on virtual models). Without a doubt, there is a shift away from the “branch centric view” of banking and an evolution of bank accounts toward mobilization, but what we’re really seeing is the latest disruption… a call-to-action for financial services companies of all iterations to revamp financial products themselves and develop new marketing strategies.