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9 Tips for Reaching Millennials

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9 Tips for Reaching Millennials

Baby Boomers are no longer the largest generation in American history. That title’s been taken over by Millennials. And titles aren’t the only thing Millennials are capturing: they have the attention of marketing departments in every industry. They are particularly important to health insurers, as twenty/thirtysomethings are currently one of the key targets for Exchange products and their generation will influence the design of employer-sponsored plans for many years to come. However, this segment — which now represents 20% of the population and over $200 billion in annual buying power — is far from an easy sell.

To be effective, brands must not only find the right messaging, but also choose the most effective channels. Understanding the channels — and how Millennials use each one — can help marketers turn the challenge of targeting this segment into an opportunity. And so we’ve developed a tip sheet that addresses how health insurers can reach Millennials across a number of marketing channels.

You may find some surprises in it. For example, as savvy as Millennials are with technology (they are 2.5 times more likely to be early adopters of new digital platforms), 63% of them say that they read direct mail immediately (more than any other demographic!).

Want to know more? Here’s the tip sheet: “9 Tips for Reaching Millennials.”


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