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healthcare marketing to millennials

Millennials Think Differently About Healthcare (And So Marketers Should, Too!)

A recent survey reminds us that Millennials think differently about healthcare than other generations. As such, healthcare marketers need to thinking differently when trying to reach this influential group.

Millennial hotel loyalty marketing tips

Keep Calm and Change On! How Hotel Co-Brands Can Appeal to Millennials

Earning Millennial hotel loyalty can be a challenge. Here's why it's worth it... and how your hotel co-brand can engage this critical audience.

Millennial Marketing Tips

A Millennial’s Take on the Right Vibe for Financial Services Marketing

In addition to noting some ground rules about Millennial marketing – like “avoid gimmicks and lengthy sales pitches” – this Millennial Marketing Showcase identifies some positive steps financial services brands are taking to reach this important audience.

What Healthcare Marketers Can Learn from the Viral HuffPost Piece on Millennials’ Financial Future

Healthcare marketers are instrumental in understanding the relationship between Millennials and their needs. Once marketers understand this, they can effectively communicate how their plan offerings best answer to this generation’s health and financial needs. A viral piece from the Huffington Post details more about the misunderstanding of this audience.

6 Key Statistics About Millennials and Telemedicine

With Millennials expressing difficulty in navigating traditional health systems, how can providers and insurers connect with this important group of consumers? New approaches are needed and evidence suggests that telemedicine may be the right fit for this tech savvy, cost conscious generation.

Millennials Demand a Different Kind of Healthcare

Unlike previous generations, Millennials’ expectations and behaviors don’t necessarily align with having a primary care doctor or visiting a doctor’s office regularly. This is why healthcare payers and providers need to end the status quo and shake up the way healthcare is done to appeal to the growing market of Millennials.

direct mail as an effective way to reach Millennials

Why Direct Mail Can Be an Effective Way to Reach Millennials

These findings don’t suggest we should abandon digital channels when communicating with Millennials. However, in a crowded digital environment, direct mail may be a smart way to break through the clutter and reach this valuable demographic.

American Express targets older Millennials by sharing

American Express Commiserates With Millennials: “Adulting” Is Hard

Although we really think the tone/message is spot-on, the campaign’s execution on Facebook and Instagram (@americanexpress ) is where it has the potential to get really interesting.

Why Telemedicine and Millennials Are Key to Each Other’s Health

When it comes to telemedicine, Millennials are a natural fit. Through the right service offerings, proper implementation, and smart marketing tactics, Millennials can pave the path for telemedicine.

American Express is first sponsor of video content on Buzzfeed's Nifty

Amex Targets Older Millennials with Sponsored Video Content on BuzzFeed

Amex is betting on BuzzFeed’s winning formula for attracting and engaging Millennial consumers, taking advantage of a tremendous opportunity to get in front of millions (and millions) of their eyeballs via some of the Internet's most popular videos… before anyone else does.