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Addressable TV gives healthcare marketers more targeted health plan marketing

Addressable TV Holds Promise for Targeted Healthcare Marketing

Think of it this way: one media buy with a handful of different marketing spots. Each spot can have its own creative message, and each can target a specific household type based on factors such as age, income and a host of other criteria. Never before has this level of segmentation been possible in the television advertising ecosystem.

9 Tips for Reaching Millennials

To be effective, brands must not only find the right messaging, but also choose the most effective channels. Understanding the channels -- and how Millennials use each one -- can help marketers turn the challenge of targeting this segment into an opportunity.

Getting Real: A Strategic Approach to Social Media Content

For many marketers, their first foray into social media was putting up a Facebook fan page or Twitter account – to which they randomly posted random content. Of course, this experiment failed as they attracted only a small and ragtag assortment of fans and followers. The key to an effective social media plan is to establish the importance of strategic content. It is the act of creating (or uncovering) and distributing this content that will help you achieve your strategic objectives. Now that the shine is off social media, isn’t it time to put it to work for your organization?

Media Planning in a Future Age (aka Now)

Do not wait for your customers to stumble to you based on the results of an algorithm. Tap directly into the power of the conversations that technology is emboldening your customers to have with, or about, your product or service.

Putting Their Best Foot Forward

Putting Their Best Foot ForwardSo why are a series of active older adults declaring “I have SilverSneakers®” if they’re not actually wearing said sneakers? It’s the creative hook to a new TV spot that we developed for the nation's premier senior fitness program, SilverSneakers, from Healthways. The spot is designed to build name recognition for the SilverSneakers program, while demonstrating the end benefit of lifelong fitness — the ability to stay active, and enjoy life.

Jack (Better) Be Nimble

Jack (Better) Be NimbleWhen market conditions change, you need to respond quickly and concisely. That could mean repositioning your product, redefining your audience or changing the vehicles you use to communicate.