The Importance of an Early Month on Book (EMOB) Strategy

• Author: Financial Services Team

EMOB strategy

The value of engaging early and often with cardholders is indisputable. Those who receive EMOB messaging average 22% higher balances after the first statement cycle1, and when customers engage frequently in the first 90 days, their long-term value is up to three times greater2. In our work with some of the top financial brands, we’ve delivered great results taking an Early Month on Book approach that aligns with what McKinsey2 suggests: the first 90 days is critical to ensuring your customers make their new card their preferred form of payment.

It’s why we’re not surprised when banks with activation problems have no formal EMOB plans, and it’s why we’ve worked hard to become the EMOB marketing experts trusted by so many financial institutions. As illustrated in our latest infographic (see below or click here for a PDF), EMOB marketing works. Let it inspire to create an EMOB strategy that pushes five key activities with cardholders in their first 90 days!

Click here to get a PDF of the EMOB strategy infographic.

1 “The First 90 Days: Early Month on Book Strategy Critical to Long-Term Cardmember Loyalty.” TMG Financial Services, 2017.

2 From Plastic to Pixels: Digitizing the Credit Card, Robert Mau and Kevin Mole, McKinsey & Company, September 2016