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The importance of an EMOB strategy

The Importance of an Early Month on Book (EMOB) Strategy

Our latest infographic shows why EMOB marketing works. Let it inspire and motivate you to push five key activities with cardholders in their first 90 days!

EMOB marketing strategy

10 Tips for Early Month on Book (EMOB) Marketing

It’s critical to get in front of new cardholders early and often to drive immediate activation and usage. Using these tried-and-true best practices, you can craft a strategic EMOB plan that improves your chances of becoming top of wallet with a highly engaged cardholder base.

Can credit card rewards sustain the customer relationship?

Can Rewards Sustain a Customer Relationship?

With deep market saturation, continual launch of new programs and reinvention of existing programs, there is a high degree of churn and upward pressure on brands' credit card reward programs. However, these marketing communications create opportunities to build customer loyalty.

7 Tips for Better Commercial Payment Marketing

Although traditional, leading commercial card issuers still dominate, Mercator says smaller issuers will see a positive share shift. Media Logic’s financial marketing experts have developed a list of commercial payment marketing tips to help you prepare your commercial card product for this opportunity.

Using the Rails to Make a Co-Brand Credit Card Connection

Co-brand credit cards are supposed to be extensions of the master brand. It’s considered best practice to integrate elements all while creating a distinct product that consumers will want to use “off brand.” Amtrak excels at this in ways we don't always see.

Amex Makes an Acceptance “Play,” Pledges to Match Visa and Mastercard

New marketing shows Amex has a strategy in place to improve acceptance stats and perceptions.

Summer Trends in Travel Rewards Credit Card Marketing

Contrary to popular belief, travel reward credit card offers are flying high. Here are just a few of the trends that are "in the air" this busy summer travel season!

What rising credit scores mean for credit card marketers

What Rising Credit Scores Could Mean for Credit Card Marketers

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that credit scores have reached a record high and that “the average credit score nationwide hit 700 in April.” We make a few guesses about what that means for payment cards and card marketers.

building product identity for cobrand credit card

A 4-Phased Approach to Developing and Marketing a New High-End Co-Brand Identity

Creating a new product identity for a high-end co-brand credit card has many challenges. This 4-phased approach has helped successfully create highly relevant, differentiated and ownable product identities for our clients.

Boost co-brand credit card engagement by encouraging world spend

Boosting Co-Brand Credit Card Engagement by Encouraging World Spend

Successful co-branders understand the importance of constant testing in order to find effective ways to drive world spend. They also know that encouraging cardholders to use their cards beyond the brand not only increases card usage, but also boosts card loyalty. By linking world spend to incremental co-brand rewards, cardholders will be more likely to keep their co-brand cards top of wallet.