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New AEP = New Opportunities & Challenges

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New AEP = New Opportunities & Challenges

Each year’s Medicare open enrollment period (or AEP) brings a new set of opportunities and challenges. This year is no different. This upcoming AEP, marketers are faced with…

  • The impact of the presidential election on media opportunities and a (potentially) shifting consumer perception due to proposed policy changes – whether real or hyperbole
  • Adjusting the media mix for the right balance of direct and mass communication
  • Determining how best to employ digital tactics for an increasingly digitally-inclined target universe
  • Designing a methodology to allow for the best possible lead and new member attribution

Last year we laid out a framework for a successful Medicare AEP launch. Although the opportunities and challenges may change from year to year, a sound approach should help overcome all challenges and fulfill on all opportunities. Does your brand’s open enrollment campaign include these five marketing tactics?

  • Getting a seat at the table– The marketing department should be involved in initial steps, including discussions on setting new member and retention goals.
  • Fostering information sharing– Ensure that sales and marketing are on the same page through data and information sharing to maximize the efforts of both departments.
  • Mapping out the full marketing journey– While marketing’s role tends to be viewed as focusing on driving the initial call or web visit, marketing teams can have valuable input for the entire sales process.
  • Reassessing fulfillment and onboarding materials– Does the story portrayed in outbound marketing continue through to fulfillment materials and onboarding materials?
  • Establishing mechanisms for reporting– Campaign reports require a concerted effort, but they are essential in helping to manage the internal teams’ expectations, shaping the narrative of the results of the campaign and readjusting strategy as needed.

If the answer is “No, we haven’t implemented these strategies,” it’s time to consider how these approaches could strengthen your marketing efforts for this fall’s AEP. Click through to lean more and explore the recommended AEP marketing strategies in greater detail:

5 Marketing Strategies for a Strong Open Enrollment Period

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