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Preparing for Healthcare Open Enrollment: Communicating with Internal Audiences in Q3

In Q3 with AEP and OEP just around the corner, it’s important that all internal stakeholders be on the same page with regards to all aspects of upcoming campaigns, including marketing pieces, tracking and reporting.

Planning for Open Enrollment: Identifying Your Target Audience in Q2

As Q2 kicks off and healthcare marketers are firmly in the OEP/AEP planning phase of the cycle, the first question to face is: Who will we be targeting?

Health Insurers Use Social & Web to Promote Open Enrollment

As the Open Enrollment period begins, health insurers must be proactive about explaining ACA-related decisions and various plan options, while continuing to promote enrollment – all within a 45 to 90 day period. A content strategy that utilizes existing digital platforms with built-in audiences, including web and social, is a smart approach for reaching essential targets.

New AEP = New Opportunities & Challenges

Each year’s Medicare open enrollment period brings a new set of opportunities and challenges. These may change from year to year, but establishing a framework for a successful Medicare AEP launch should help to overcome all challenges and fulfill on all opportunities.

Clover Health Medicare model uses technology

Clover Health’s Medicare Model Uses Technology to Improve Member Health

Healthcare startup Clover Health believes that traditional insurers in the Medicare space don’t do enough to leverage their data (as reported by Fierce HealthPayer), and it plans to compete for Medicare business via a technology-heavy model it says can save money and improve clinical outcomes. It may be working. As reported by Fortune, “In the […]

AEP marketing and planning

5 Marketing Strategies for a Strong Open Enrollment Period

Creative is only one piece of the puzzle. It’s equally important to solidify what must take place behind-the-scenes: collaboration and follow-through. As marketers, we know that a sound strategy can sometimes veer off course if the proper campaign support falls through the cracks.

Marketing campaigns for HAP based on research and insights

Research and Insights at Center of Marketing Campaigns for HAP

To increase enrollment and maximize the efficiency of its marketing efforts for ACA’s second year, HAP engaged Media Logic to build campaigns informed by research and insights.

competition on ACA healthcare exchanges

What Does Competition within Healthcare Exchanges Mean for Consumers and Marketers?

As the second year of marketplace enrollment gets underway, a good amount of the conversation about ACA centers on price transparency and premiums. What – if anything – has insurer competition meant?

Consumer education is a priority in ACA open enrollment

Consumer Education Still No. 1 Priority This Open Enrollment Season

This year's open enrollment challenges paint a pretty clear picture: as was the case a year ago, many people are simply not educated about the new healthcare law and what it means for their own coverage needs. Therefore, instead of simply “marketing” their plans, payers need to become educators so that consumers can become better healthcare shoppers.

challenges for payers in 2015 open enrollment

ACA’s Second Round Still Poses Challenges for Payers

“Been there, done that.” Think that’s what insurers are saying about this year’s health insurance enrollment period? Think again! Tomorrow marks the re-opening of the ACA’s healthcare marketplaces, and while having a year under our collective belts should make the process smoother than the first time out, this year presents both new and continuing challenges.