Part 2: Improving Consumers’ Health Literacy with Video Content Marketing

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Part 2: Improving Consumers’ Health Literacy with Video Content Marketing

“AEP, Advantage Plan, Open Enrollment, HSA…” To healthcare marketers these words are part of our everyday vocabulary, but to the uninitiated, these phrases can sound like a foreign language. In fact, in a survey designed and analyzed by Media Logic, we found that only 21% of seniors feel they “completely” understand their health insurance and a third of those familiar with common industry jargon were unable to apply those terms to practical situations. What does this mean? Health insurers need to do more to educate seniors – and consumers, in general – on the fundamentals of health insurance 101.

Video is a natural fit for reaching consumers for healthcare education purposes – and some insurers are already using it effectively. In part two of Media Logic’s series on video content marketing for health insurers, we highlight how five insurers around the U.S. are using the medium to help improve consumers’ health literacy:

Explain subsidies

Capital BlueCross summarizes the purpose of subsidies in a video by putting it simply: “Subsidies help reduce your insurance costs.” The insurer goes on to cover the basics on federal subsidies, from defining the different kinds of subsidies to explaining the basis of eligibility for the assistance.

Help consumers understand EOB statements

“Don’t worry, it’s not a bill. It’s just your EOB,” begins Media Logic client HAP in a video created to help consumers understand their Explanation of Benefits (or EOB) statements. In this short, easy-to-follow tutorial, the health insurer breaks down each part of the EOB statement – including date of service, charges and what members may be responsible for paying – and provides instructions for HAP members to begin receiving electronic EOBs.


Demonstrate how an HSA works

BridgeSpan Health offers a health savings account (HSA) as an add-on to some of its health plans. In this video, it describes how the HSA “financial solution” can help members pay for healthcare expenses and save more for retirement.

Walk consumers through Medicare 101

In a new video series, Highmark walks consumers through the basics – or ABCs – of Medicare. Watch below as Highmark educates on the ins and outs of Medicare Part A, and click through to see the videos explaining Medicare Parts BC and D.


Help members budget for healthcare

video on Humana’s website stresses the importance of families budgeting for healthcare expenses just as they do for car payments and groceries. The video breaks down different healthcare costs, offers tips on getting started and answers some budgeting FAQs, like “How much should I contribute to an HSA or FSA?”

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