Introducing the Video Content Marketing for Health Insurers Series

• Author: Healthcare Team

Introducing the Video Content Marketing for Health Insurers Series

Adweek has proclaimed online video the “future of content marketing.” Specifically, it says, “There can be absolutely no doubt that online video is fundamental to the way people now consume content and to ignore or shy away from this reality is marketing suicide to any company that hopes to grow its brand online in the coming years.” A compilation of content marketing stats from Business2Community puts a number on it: it says that by 2019 a whopping “80% of all Internet traffic will be devoted to video.”

But a dive into the websites, Facebook and Twitter streams and YouTube channels of health insurers shows that video is not just a marketing tactic for the future. It’s a powerful tool that’s here now and many marketers are already on board. And here’s why: they know that video is effective. According to an infographic shared by Hubspot, “90% of users say that product videos are helpful in the decision process,” and “80% of users recall a video ad they viewed in the past 30 days.”

But all video is not created equal and the quality and accessibility of video content varies tremendously. Despite that, it is good to see health insurers utilizing video as a marketing tool for a diverse number of purposes. Today we introduce a multi-part series highlighting how health insurers around the country are using video to communicate, educate and provide support.

Part 1: Highlighting Products and Benefits

Part 2: Improving Consumers’ Health Literacy

Part 3: Addressing Health Care Challenges 

Part 4: Promoting Health and Wellness

Part 5: Providing Member and Prospect Assistance 

Part 6: Promoting Health Education 

Part 7: Advancing Additional Marketing Goals

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Part 1: Using Video to Highlight Products & Benefits

In part one of a multi-part series on how health insurers are utilizing video for content marketing, we highlight how health insurers are using the format to educate members and prospects about detailed products, unique benefits and essential services.

Part 3: Addressing Healthcare Challenges through Video Content Marketing

Whether it’s addressing headline-grabbing health crises or matters related to cost, video can be an effective way to discuss challenging topics in a clear and concise fashion, while communicating key brand messaging. Here are a few ways in which health insurers are using video to discuss topics that may be sensitive in nature.