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top healthcare marketing posts of 2019

A Check-Up on What You’re Reading: Our Top Healthcare Blog Posts of 2019

In a continued effort to pique the interest of our readers, we constantly review which articles are attracting the most attention. Of the dozens of topics we covered in 2019, a few key topics and trends were very popular in healthcare marketing.

healthcare twitter chats

Twitter Chats for Healthcare Organizations Boost Health Literacy and Patient Engagement

Twitter chats hosted regularly by healthcare organizations can raise awareness of important health issues. Here are a few strong examples of how healthcare organizations can pursue thought leadership and establish connections with patients and members by putting their expertise into a format that works for and engages a social media audience.

promote health literacy

How Content Marketing Aids Health Insurers in Curing Ailing Health Literacy

Content marketing can be a great solution for healthcare marketers to break down the complexity of our healthcare system for consumers and promote better health literacy.

Startups are testing health plans without deductibles

Consumer Frustration with High Deductibles Prompts Some Health Insurers to Offer New Types of Plans

In response to consumer frustration with high deductibles, some health insurers are testing new approaches to coverage.

Part 2: Improving Consumers’ Health Literacy with Video Content Marketing

In part two of our multi-part series on how health insurers are utilizing video for content marketing, we highlight how health insurers are using video to help improve consumers’ health literacy.

healthcare marketing resolutions

Here’s to a Happy 2016: New Year’s Resolutions for the Health Insurance Marketer

It’s time to make resolutions! But not those typical resolutions. If you’d like to lose a few pounds, exercise more or cut your Netflix bingeing in half, more power to you. But here, we want to talk about New Year’s resolutions for the health insurance marketer for 2016.

Importance of health literacy for consumers and insurers

Health Literacy: Insurers Must Do More to Educate Members

Insurers who bolster their educational materials and make health insurance literacy a priority throughout the customer relationship are likely to see a number of benefits, including improved member health, cost savings and a better customer experience.

Medicare Marketing Insights: What Seniors Don’t Know About Health Insurance

We conducted a survey among men and women aged 65 and older, and what seniors don't know about their Medicare health insurance may surprise you.