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A Checklist of Course Correction Tactics for your 2020 AEP Marketing Campaign

• Author: Healthcare Team

2020 AEP course correction checklist

The window for marketing during Medicare AEP is small… very small. But even with CMS review and approval, it’s not impossible to make mid-campaign course adjustments thanks to good analytics, reporting and access to real-time data and insights. As marketers, we need to be nimble and try new things. Take action now with these smart marketing tips.

View the checklist below or download a PDF version here.

A Checklist of Course Correction Tactics for your 2020 AEP Marketing Campaign

Tweaking and fine-tuning your Medicare AEP campaign doesn’t require reinventing the wheel. If you have a focused effort tracking and reporting campaign metrics, and the ability to make adjustments in swift and practical ways based on those results, then the overall lift is not too great. In order to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your direct mail, DRTV and digital marketing efforts, developing a mid-campaign approach and implementing it when opportunities emerge – be it through minor tweaks or substantial modifications – is essential.

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