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U.S. Bank’s New Mobile App Redefines the Digital Banking Experience

Instead of just converting traditional bank services to the digital environment, U.S. Bank let customer input and technology inform a new paradigm of services. The result is the new U.S. Bank Mobile App, designed to re-imagine the customer experience and offer something that customers can’t get anywhere else.

Examples of financial education content from banks

Financial Education Content Can Enhance Customer Loyalty

When done well, digital, self-serve financial education materials can improve customers' financial wellness, build consumer affinity for the brand and set the brand apart from its competitors. Here are some recent examples from top FIs!

Examples of financial services influencer marketing on Instagram

How Financial Services Influencer Marketing Strives for Authenticity on Instagram

Brands on Instagram face a pretty big challenge: how to create content that achieves the level of authenticity platform users expect. One approach is to leverage the audiences of popular content creators, as in these recent posts published in partnership with top FIs, including Amex, Bank of America, Capital One, Chase, U.S. Bank and Visa.

Funny, Moving and Grotesque: Financial Service Brand Ads in Super Bowl LII

We spent the days after Super Bowl LII deconstructing the good, the bad and the (literally) ugly financial services commercials that ran during “Big Game.” This year, there were mostly veterans on the field, but we did see some new players emerge.

Marketers Take Out the Rally Towels for Consumer Financial Education

Financial education efforts not only benefit consumers, but they also make strategic marketing sense. See what top brands are doing on a scale from low-key (conversation) to rally towel (“concert” tour)!

Financial Services Brands Test Out Content Marketing Trends

Financial institutions are becoming more willing to creatively explore popular topics & platforms in their marketing strategies.

What Top Financial Brands Teach Us About Social Media Engagement

We looked at social media profiles of some top banks to see what brand followers find most engaging. Hopefully, seeing what they’re doing will help you identify your own brand’s sweet spot.

Why are Financial Institutions Merging Facebook Pages?

If the old saying “three makes a trend” is true, then financial service companies may be on their way to making Facebook page consolidation the social marketing trend de jour. Which FIs are merging Facebook pages, and more importantly, what can others learn from their experience?

Reaching SBOs Requires an “All-In” Content Marketing Strategy

The issuers that have made the commitment to go all in with distinct, branded small business product lines are also the ones leading the way in content marketing to SBOs. They have realized that the combination of the product identities, robust original content and outside relationships are all necessary to have a successful content marketing strategy.

U.S. Bank Rewards SBOs for the Swipes They Make and Take

Many issuers have small business payment products that include usage incentives to encourage spend on the cards. But we recently noticed that one major issuer is now offering incentives for business to accept credit cards from their customers.