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Examples of financial services influencer marketing on Instagram

How Financial Services Influencer Marketing Strives for Authenticity on Instagram

Brands on Instagram face a pretty big challenge: how to create content that achieves the level of authenticity platform users expect. One approach is to leverage the audiences of popular content creators, as in these recent posts published in partnership with top FIs, including Amex, Bank of America, Capital One, Chase, U.S. Bank and Visa.

Why are Financial Institutions Merging Facebook Pages?

If the old saying “three makes a trend” is true, then financial service companies may be on their way to making Facebook page consolidation the social marketing trend de jour. Which FIs are merging Facebook pages, and more importantly, what can others learn from their experience?

Reaching SBOs Requires an “All-In” Content Marketing Strategy

The issuers that have made the commitment to go all in with distinct, branded small business product lines are also the ones leading the way in content marketing to SBOs. They have realized that the combination of the product identities, robust original content and outside relationships are all necessary to have a successful content marketing strategy.

U.S. Bank Rewards SBOs for the Swipes They Make and Take

Many issuers have small business payment products that include usage incentives to encourage spend on the cards. But we recently noticed that one major issuer is now offering incentives for business to accept credit cards from their customers.

At-A-Glance: U.S. Bank’s “Achieve Your Goals” Content Hub

Very often, bank marketing focuses on products and services along with the necessary customer education to support them: mobile app how-to’s, for example, or tips for earning and redeeming rewards. But it’s important for banks to remember that customer (and consumer) education can do a number of other things, as well, with the right kind of content and skillful presentation. It can nurture and deepen relationships with existing customers and even make a new relationship desirable for a potential customer.

Landing Now with U.S. Credit Card Issuers: Chip Technology

EMV chip technology – the standard payment technology in many countries worldwide – has come to U.S. credit card issuers slowly, primarily beginning with high-end travel and entertainment cards that attract international travelers. But now that chip is gaining awareness among U.S. consumers, domestic issuers are beginning to offer it more broadly. Because this payment technology can be confusing to consumers, it is imperative that communications about the technology and its benefits are clear.