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influencer marketing trends for financial brands

Two Influencer Marketing Trends That Could Affect Financial Brands

To incorporate recent trends into their Instagram strategies, FS brands must remember that bigger isn’t always better. Instead, FIs should strive for authenticity and engagement. In addition, staying on top of current metrics can help content marketing teams ground their efforts in what’s valued most on each platform.

Examples of financial services influencer marketing on Instagram

How Financial Services Influencer Marketing Strives for Authenticity on Instagram

Brands on Instagram face a pretty big challenge: how to create content that achieves the level of authenticity platform users expect. One approach is to leverage the audiences of popular content creators, as in these recent posts published in partnership with top FIs, including Amex, Bank of America, Capital One, Chase, U.S. Bank and Visa.

American Express Uses Social Media to Build Card Envy

Giant vats of whole squid and chicken feet in the kitchen -- scary what you’ll miss if you’re not an American Express Platinum Card member! The scene, set at Halloween time by American Express, invited Platinum Card holders to an exclusive event to watch a celebrity chef “cook up some freaky foods.” It’s just one example of how Amex uses social media to showcase its special perks and make prospects, um, hungry for Platinum membership.

Retailers Use Twitter Lists in Influencer Marketing Efforts

On Tuesday, GAP tweeted: “Blogged about @Gap lately? Let us know with the hashtag #GapFashion so we can you to our influencer list.” The tweet included a link to a Twitter list of “Fashion Influencers” created by the brand. Of course, the list is probably just the tip of the iceberg of GAP’s influencer marketing effort, but should we be surprised when a brand shares lists of bloggers publicly?

Tortoise vs. Hare: An Influencer Marketing Case Study

You know the story. There’s a score to settle between the tortoise and the hare. The hare is haphazard and in a big hurry. The tortoise is methodical and willing to pace himself. If influencer marketing were a race, my money would be on the tortoise. Of course, influencer marketing’s a strategy, not a race. Even still, hare’s need not apply. Word on the street is, in their haste, hares implement several ill-advised tactics, including

  • leaving spammy blog comments (“Great post, but have you seen mine?“)
  • tagging popular profiles randomly (“Hey, @You! Wanna help me sell myself?”)
  • blasting the masses with identical text (reproducing content like, well, rabbits) and
  • popping up with pitches out of the blue.
As you may know, tortoises commit to the long-haul instead. Their approach is much more suited to influencer marketing.

Stumping for Virgin America, or Get Your Own Fake Mayor

“Airline adds new route.” You have to try very hard to produce a more ho-hum announcement than that. Even adding the specifics – “Virgin America comes to PDX” – doesn’t help. Not even a little. But fortunately, Portland, Oregon, gives Virgin America’s marketing team quite a bit more to work with. Try these on: Mayor of Portlandia welcomes Virgin America to Portland and We put a bird on Portland. Better, right?

What is a Conversation Manager, Anyway?

Let's clear up one thing: Yes, "Conversation Manager" is a real title at Media Logic! In fact, Conversation Managers supported by Zeitgeist & Coffee, our collaborative platform for real-time marketing, are exactly what makes it possible for us to deliver our modern social marketing services: Influencer Marketing, Managed Community Marketing and Social Promotions & Social Stream Marketing.