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U.S. Bank’s New Mobile App Redefines the Digital Banking Experience

Instead of just converting traditional bank services to the digital environment, U.S. Bank let customer input and technology inform a new paradigm of services. The result is the new U.S. Bank Mobile App, designed to re-imagine the customer experience and offer something that customers can’t get anywhere else.

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How Financial Brands Prioritize the Customer Experience

Successful customer experience programs advance member-focused internal cultures, simplify processes, continually deepen the FI's understanding of member experience and implement ongoing, targeted improvements.

How Financial Services Brands Are Marketing Virtual Assistants

When it comes to current messaging, most FIs promote Alexa skills and proprietary chatbots as convenient ways to access basic account information and conduct simple transactions, but in the future we’re likely to see greater emphasis on customer relationships and consumer engagement.

Streamlined Onboarding and Welcome Kits Improve FS Customer Experience

Financial brand onboarding and welcome kits can be disorganized and non-cohesive and often contain too many inserts. Instead of building the brand, they can dilute it. There's a better way to create a customer relationship with a terrific brand experience.

How and why M&T Bank promoted responsive design during website relaunch

M&T Bank Uses Website Relaunch to Teach Customers About Responsive Design

Bank websites with responsive design improve the customer experience, so when M&T relaunched its website, it heavily promoted that the new site "works across devices." We like this approach: regional banks not only need to provide excellent service but also show customers they can compete with top banks.

Lessons for financial services marketers from non-bank brands

How to Build Excitement for Your Financial Services Brand

What can your favorite brand teach you about bank marketing? We’re willing to bet it boils down to a customer experience that can’t be beat.

The first 90 days are critical to the customer experience

Onboarding is a Smart Place for Banks to Start When Improving Customer Experience

Banks need to create better onboarding experiences, warns ABA Bank Marketing. In a recent article citing retail banking data, Sean McDade writes, “Your newest customers are the most unhappy and the most at risk.”

HAP: Improving the Customer Experience

Let’s face it. Figuring out health plans can be intimidating. With this in mind, HAP set out to refresh its New Member Welcome Kit to better reflect its commitment to helpful, customer service. The Welcome Kit needed to speak to new members in a friendly, reassuring tone and provide clear instructions on how to take […]

How Amex Express Checkout works

Amex “Express Checkout” Makes Online Shopping Easier, More Secure

While Amex Express Checkout certainly isn’t the first online payment solution, it does offer one distinct benefit: users can complete their purchases by simply entering their American Express account login.

Cashiers are key to EMV chip card transition

Cashiers Are the Key to an Effective EMV Chip Card Transition

While the long-awaited transition to EMV chip cards is taking shape, one thing is immediately clear: customers are not aware how to use their new chip-enabled cards in the new readers, and it is falling on the cashiers to educate them.