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6 Key Statistics About Millennials and Telemedicine

With Millennials expressing difficulty in navigating traditional health systems, how can providers and insurers connect with this important group of consumers? New approaches are needed and evidence suggests that telemedicine may be the right fit for this tech savvy, cost conscious generation.

Telepsychiatry – Health Insurers: If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It

Amongst the many areas where healthcare provider shortages exist, one of the most critical is in mental healthcare and psychiatry. Telepsychiatry presents a new opportunity for patients, providers and health plans, alike. Here are three guidelines for optimizing utilization of telepsychiatry services.

What Our Top Blog Posts of 2016 Teach Us About Healthcare Marketing in 2017

During a time when the healthcare landscape is littered with uncertainty, looking back may help healthcare marketers shape strategic decisions moving forward. While the future of the healthcare industry lacks predictability, a scan through Media Logic’s top blog posts of 2016 reveals a number of topics that will continue to influence healthcare marketing in 2017.

Improve Your ROI on Telemedicine Through Better Employee Communications

Despite an impressive increase in the adoption of telemedicine coverage, only 3% of U.S. employees offered the service actually made use of it, falling far short of the ideal minimum of a 30% utilization rate. Employers can help close the utilization gap with a smart communications approach that relies on appropriate channels and the right messaging.