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Facebook Page Design Changes for Health Plan Marketers

Facebook recently updated its page design, and while the enhancements haven’t had marketers scrambling to fix anything broken, they have presented new opportunities that shouldn’t be overlooked. What are the opportunities for health plan marketers? Let’s take a look.

The Price of Free: Framing the Cost of Content Strategies

In early January, Jason Falls wrote a really interesting piece on his blog about the value of social media and its impact on search results. It was intriguing to me as I have the task of managing the paid search efforts on behalf of Media Logic for lead generation purposes. With Google and Microsoft making real-time search (social search) a part of their fruit salad, the effort to be found and its associated value is an ever elusive target. Creating inbound marketing leads via social media content strategies is high on the 2010 agenda. In order to open the doors more swiftly agencies, consultants and internal marketing departments need to assign real value for these efforts. Why was I so intrigued by Jason’s post?