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Financial Services Brands Test Out Content Marketing Trends

Financial institutions are becoming more willing to creatively explore popular topics & platforms in their marketing strategies.

3 Strategies to Help Healthcare Marketers Succeed with Content Marketing

While 62% of B2B marketers report success when it comes to content marketing, B2B healthcare marketers are failing to see comparable results. Only 4% say their programs are extremely successful. To achieve the same levels of content marketing success, B2B healthcare marketers need to play catch up and fast.

Best Financial Services Marketing Reads of 2015

10 Posts From 2015 That Will Inform Your 2016 Financial Services Marketing Strategy

Don’t worry. This isn’t just a “Top 10” list, generated solely from data from Google analytics. This is a list – hand-selected from our more popular 2015 blog posts – for one reason: they’ll have an impact on your financial services marketing strategy in the coming year.

UCSF Imaging recognized for active Twitter strategy

Successful Twitter Strategy Helps Healthcare Brand Stand Out Among Peers

Authors of a recent social media study, which named Media Logic client UCSF Imaging a top Twitter account, make the following recommendation: “More departments are encouraged to take advantage of [Twitter] to engage colleagues in radiology and other medical specialties, their patients, the media and the general public.”

Marketing to Millennials? Be Sure to Include Content Marketing in Your Strategy

Millennials respond to content marketing. The catch? Brands have to be precise.

Reaching SBOs Requires an “All-In” Content Marketing Strategy

The issuers that have made the commitment to go all in with distinct, branded small business product lines are also the ones leading the way in content marketing to SBOs. They have realized that the combination of the product identities, robust original content and outside relationships are all necessary to have a successful content marketing strategy.

social content marketing success story from UCSF Imaging

UCSF Imaging: A Healthcare Content Marketing Success Story

While many healthcare organizations are still trying to figure out how to harness the power of content marketing, Media Logic client UCSF Department of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging (UCSF Imaging) jumped on board in December 2010. Today, its efforts are driving SEO and garnering it attention as a leader in social media.

Wells Fargo Stories: Bank’s New Content Marketing Strategy is Both Responsive and Social

A helping hand when home repairs become daunting. A clothing drive without borders. A ‘green’ home for a Purple Heart. Those are some recent headlines at Wells Fargo Stories, a new website aimed at adding another facet to the financial institution’s content marketing effort.

Getting Financial Services Content Seen on Facebook May Require Paid Promotion

One solution to declining organic reach is paid promotion of content. And what that mean is that financial brands must be extremely vigilant about how they’re using social media... but then again, we’ve always advocated that approach.

30 Metrics to Monitor for Healthcare Content Marketing ROI

Some struggle to measure content marketing ROI. Others go so far as to say, “You can’t do it.” Well, of course you can. In fact, it’s imperative. And there's good news: there are dozens of ways to measure how consumers are accessing and using content. Dozens.