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Top financial services marketing blog posts for 2018

Media Logic’s Top 10 Financial Services Marketing Blog Posts of 2018

A chance to take another look at key perspectives from Media Logic’s financial services marketing experts! We think our most popular posts from 2018 will inspire you to ask more of your upcoming marketing campaigns and explore new opportunities in the coming year.

Millennial hotel loyalty marketing tips

Keep Calm and Change On! How Hotel Co-Brands Can Appeal to Millennials

Earning Millennial hotel loyalty can be a challenge. Here's why it's worth it... and how your hotel co-brand can engage this critical audience.

Using the Rails to Make a Co-Brand Credit Card Connection

Co-brand credit cards are supposed to be extensions of the master brand. It’s considered best practice to integrate elements all while creating a distinct product that consumers will want to use “off brand.” Amtrak excels at this in ways we don't always see.

building product identity for cobrand credit card

A 4-Phased Approach to Developing and Marketing a New High-End Co-Brand Identity

Creating a new product identity for a high-end co-brand credit card has many challenges. This 4-phased approach has helped successfully create highly relevant, differentiated and ownable product identities for our clients.

Boost co-brand credit card engagement by encouraging world spend

Boosting Co-Brand Credit Card Engagement by Encouraging World Spend

Successful co-branders understand the importance of constant testing in order to find effective ways to drive world spend. They also know that encouraging cardholders to use their cards beyond the brand not only increases card usage, but also boosts card loyalty. By linking world spend to incremental co-brand rewards, cardholders will be more likely to keep their co-brand cards top of wallet.

5-step approach to improving online conversions for co-brand credit cards

Pumping Up Online Conversions for Co-Brand Credit Cards

Having an online presence yields great opportunities to promote acquisition and usage of a co-brand credit card. However, new digital capabilities (such as increased mobile usage) impact customer behavior, which means co-brand conversion efforts always have room for improvement. When Media Logic was asked to help a major online retailer improve its conversion efforts, we took a 5-step approach to ratchet up responses to offers for its co-brand credit card.

Strategies for using employee promotions to turn employees into co-brand credit card advocates

Employee Promotions Turn Employees into Co-Brand Credit Card Advocates

If these strategies and best practices are followed, the results are always the same: more heavily engaged and better informed employees who can offer greater value to their customers and increase acquisition efforts for the brand.