Media Logic Hosts Medicare Summit to Get Ready for 2019 AEP

• Author: Healthcare Team

HC-Medicare Summit

As healthcare marketers, we can never say “That’s a wrap!” because it’s time to start planning again. Just as coaches break down game film from the previous season to get ready for the next, we document and analyze data and results from a completed campaign. Just as one season ends, another begins. It’s time to amplify the conversation on AEP marketing for 2019.

Media Logic is hosting our 3rd Annual Medicare Summit – an internal forum for discussion and building knowledge about the Medicare marketing landscape. This year’s summit will be held on Thursday, May 3rd. The summit brings together creative, media, design, content and client services teams for all of our healthcare clients.

We’ve been through dozens of AEPs with our clients. Part of a successful Medicare AEP launch involves collaboration and follow-through behind-the-scenes. A key component is building and sharing our knowledge so that the healthcare team is armed with the latest insights to inform our client’s campaigns.

“Our team has over 25 years in collective healthcare marketing experience. I’m always impressed with their ability to digest information, thoughtfully reflect and still come up with new compelling ideas. It’s a helpful forum to bubble up innovative thinking and discuss how to better existing strategies and creative,” says Josh Martin, Senior Account Supervisor.

We plan to review industry insights from our partners at Deft Research, Mark Farrah and Mintel. We will also analyze how AEP consumers shop for plans, examine consumer perceptions of the AEP shopping experience, and evaluate why consumers switch insurers. Our team will also present and look at top-level trends and findings from our own AEP campaigns. And of course, we will look ahead to 2019 AEP.

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