Author: Jim Sciancalepore

Cooking Up A Successful Hospital Merger Transition

Merging hospitals and healthcare systems is a little like making a giant pot of chili. In the end, the pot of chili has become more than the sum of its parts. Each of the ingredients retains its character to be sure, but the combination creates something altogether new and different. Hearty and wonderful.

The Human Impact of Social Marketing

When we arrived at the schools, food pantries and other organizations affiliated with the finalists, there was palpable excitement. The people at these places had worked hard to get their “champion” into the finals – a firsthand look at the powerful multiplier effect of social marketing.

Lessons from the “Social Super Bowl”

Last Super Bowl Sunday, Mario Manningham wasn’t the only one make a key catch, Gisele wasn’t the only one to air a few grievances, and Wes Welker wasn’t the only one who dropped the ball. I’m talking, of course, about the “Social Super Bowl” – a look at which major advertisers earned the most social engagement in the days before, during and after the big game. We temporarily aimed the proprietary tools and analysis of Media Logic’s Retail Social Juice Index (RSJI) at more than a dozen top consumer brands to see who would take home the trophy.