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U.S. Bank’s New Mobile App Redefines the Digital Banking Experience

Instead of just converting traditional bank services to the digital environment, U.S. Bank let customer input and technology inform a new paradigm of services. The result is the new U.S. Bank Mobile App, designed to re-imagine the customer experience and offer something that customers can’t get anywhere else.

Adweek Says Fewer People Than You Think Use Financial Services Apps

Results from a recent survey of financial services consumers show that only 64% of respondents have downloaded their bank's mobile app. Of those, just 42% and 9% use the apps to track balances and check transaction status, respectively.

the adulting of Millennial financial apps

Venmo, Chime and the Adulting of Millennial Financial Apps

The financial services industry has seen a long line of “disruptors” emerge in the last decade. Often created by and for the Millennial market, these app-based payment and banking brands seek to simplify and streamline “traditional” banking products. These companies are not only providing alternatives for a generation that doesn't really trust big banks but also figuring out how to evolve with the changing needs of their loyal users.

Mobile Apps in Healthcare Marketing 101

Just as the use of social media platforms in healthcare is evolving, mobile apps in healthcare are becoming more prevalent. However, there are certain tasks that today’s mobile technologies simply cannot - and should not - do.

Taco Bell Sends Snapchat, Young People Freak Out

Taco Bell has done it again. The brand, known for embracing new marketing technologies, used a Snapchat to announce the return of the Beefy Crunch Burrito to a cluster of consumers who added the brand on the mobile app.

Link Roundup: What You Don’t Want to Miss in Social Media and Tech

A collection of social media and tech stories related to Foursquare (which has raised $41 million), Facebook Home (which is now available on certain Androids), Apple's iPhone (the smartphone of choice for teens), Vine (web embedding now available), mobile apps (downloads on the rise) and Twitter (music service acquisition)...

Gas Pump Confessional: Smartphone Payments that Bypass Interchange

The heavily touted incentive here is the opportunity to “Save 10¢ on Every Gallon, Every Day.” That is slightly better than what my credit card is offering in terms of cash-back rewards – and it’s an instant discount, not points added to a total that I always forget to redeem.

Capital One Promotes Mobile App with #WhileBanking Campaign

We’re interested to see how the spots that incorporate user ideas will round out the #whilebanking campaign. As it stands now, it lacks authenticity… something critical when demonstrating a product claim. Here are some suggestions for pushing this marketing effort, and others like it, to the next level.

5 Ways App Banks Are Changing Financial Services Marketing

Exclusively online/mobile banks have caused some to speculate about the demise of bank branches (as they compile lists of banks that operate primarily on virtual models). Without a doubt, there is a shift away from the “branch centric view” of banking and an evolution of bank accounts toward mobilization, but what we’re really seeing is the latest disruption… a call-to-action for financial services companies of all iterations to revamp financial products themselves and develop new marketing strategies.

Celebrating the Power of Social Media at Foursquare Day

Back in January, I wrote my first App Spotlight blog post here on Logical Juice, about Foursquare. Since then it has become one of the most popular apps available across all mobile platforms, and is now only days away from hitting the 1 million registered users mark. The popularity of the app gave rise to last week’s first annual Foursquare Day, the first globally recognized grass-roots celebration of the power of social media... And I was lucky enough to have received an invitation to join in the festivities.