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marketing a credit card program for Millennials

Building a Credit Card Program for Millennials

Media Logic's financial services marketing experts dig into a new white paper with statistics and insights that can help banks and credit unions grow their credit card portfolios with Millennial consumers.

Examples of relationship building efforts at bank and credit union branches

How Banks and Credit Unions Are Using Branches to Build Customer Relationships

Although digital banking and mobile wallets dominate much of the financial services conversation on customer experience, “[Banking] is still a people business at heart.” And that’s exactly what we found in a quick review of bank and credit union social streams: branch events that focus on human interaction and relationship-building.

10 Practical Ways Banks and Credit Unions Can Put Facebook Apps to Work

Most commonly, financial services institutions use Facebook apps for branch and ATM finders, contact forms and promotions/contests. However, a number of financial services institutions are getting creative with their apps, and we’ve pulled together some inspiration for you. Here are 10 practical ways banks and credit unions can put Facebook apps to work...