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How FIs Celebrate Customer Milestones and Build Loyalty

Recognizing milestone events—like member birthdays or anniversaries—not only promotes loyalty but also shows appreciation. As Competiscan’s Senior Director of Insights Jessica Duncan explains, customer appreciation has always been a best practice, but it picked up even more momentum this year.

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Marketing Best Practices to Drive Digital Top of Wallet Status

With 4X higher spend on default cards and dramatic growth in digital wallets, there’s a clear opportunity for FIs to incentivize customers to designate their cards as the default in mobile wallets. Here, we’ve outlined marketing best practices that can help with messaging and communications to encourage this action.

Your Digital Ads May Not Be Liked

Whether your customers and prospects are viewing your advertising on desktop or on mobile, a recent study showed certain online ad formats are not well received (to put it mildly). It makes use of digital advertising best practices extremely important.

Social for Medical: Three Key Factors for Social Marketing of Medical Practices

Social for Medical: Three Key Factors for Social Marketing of Medical PracticesMedia Logic is working with Atlantic Medical Imaging (a multi-site radiology/imaging practice based in New Jersey) to establish thought leadership, create engagement and preference among patients (and prospective patients) and referring physicians, and ultimately drive utilization. At the center of the strategic social marketing effort is a blog featuring information on the benefits of low dose radiology, a key differentiator for the practice. We also use Facebook and Twitter to create a fan base, encourage interaction and drive traffic to the blog. Even though the effort has just recently launched, we have used “best practice” techniques we have learned through our work with highly regulated industries such as banking and insurance to build-in security while optimizing engagement. Here are three key elements we believe are important in using social media for medical practices.

When It Comes to Social Media, Best Practice Is Practice

A couple of weeks ago, I was reading a blog post on “Best Practices in Social Media,” a topic on which there is no shortage of opinions. (A Google search will return nearly 2.9 million results, which is about 400,000 more than last month.) As I was reading it, I was struck by how confidently the author threw around the term “best practices” to describe what he was doing. While I think it's great that people share their experiences – the good, the bad and the ugly – I think it's premature to start engraving anything in stone. As I was sharing my thoughts with our Executive Vice President/Executive Creative Director, he summed it up very nicely. “When it comes to social media,” he said, “best practice is practice.”