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Do Health Plan Marketers Know What Consumers *Really* Want?

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Health Plan Consumer Benefit Survey

Media Logic surveyed 400 consumers and asked two important questions about health insurance: what benefits are most important to you and how well is your health plan delivering them? Some results are expected: preventive care coverage and access to local doctors are top priorities for consumers. Other results reflect the new realities of a post-ACA world: considering requirements like co-pays and deductibles, consumers want easy-to-understand information about costs.

But the results were surprising to us when they illustrated a gap between the benefits consumers want most and their perceptions about how well their health plans deliver. For example, 74% of consumers in our survey said they want a simple way to know what their costs will be before having a procedure or going to an appointment… and only 43% of them believe their health plans are doing this well. While this gap isn’t good news for healthcare consumers, it is an opportunity for health plans who want to step up their game.

You can get all the results from our latest survey in the SlideShare below. It also includes advice and tips on how onboarding, health concierges, member portals and other tools can help to ensure members are getting what they really want from their health plans.

Want to learn more? If you have specific questions about the survey, including data on other benefits and features not included in the report, consult Media Logic’s Health Care Team.

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