Author: Christina Smith

American Express, Visa and Mastercard Use Sponsorships to Promote Contactless Cards

We’re seeing financial services brands leverage major sponsorships in pursuit of specific business objectives. For example, Visa, Amex and Mastercard recently activated their sponsorships of premium events to increase trial and use of contactless payments.

Amex Contactless Push Part of Card Rebrand

Amex Pushes Forward With Contactless

Chase may be the first issuer to add contactless technology to the majority of cards, but Amex also appears on top of the contactless movement, particularly with its most lucrative portfolios.

marketing pay it plan it to Amex Millennial cardmembers

Amex Gives Millennials (and Others) Payment Choice With Pay It Plan It

With marketing that is consistent, compelling and relatable – particularly among its Millennial cardmembers– Amex brings high focus and a big investment to “Pay It Plan It,” which allows Amex cardmembers to designate purchases of all sizes for payment in new ways and with greater control.

Millennial hotel loyalty marketing tips

Keep Calm and Change On! How Hotel Co-Brands Can Appeal to Millennials

Earning Millennial hotel loyalty can be a challenge. Here's why it's worth it... and how your hotel co-brand can engage this critical audience.

Can credit card rewards sustain the customer relationship?

Can Rewards Sustain a Customer Relationship?

With deep market saturation, continual launch of new programs and reinvention of existing programs, there is a high degree of churn and upward pressure on brands' credit card reward programs. However, these marketing communications create opportunities to build customer loyalty.

co-brand credit card marketing recommendations for reaching affluent travelers

Look at Subsegments When Targeting the Affluent Traveler

If you are marketing an airline and lodging co-brand credit card or a bank branded card with travel rewards to affluent travelers, consider focusing on the subsegment called “A Taste of First Class.” Here’s what we know about them (and how we arrived at this recommendation).

Amex Makes an Acceptance “Play,” Pledges to Match Visa and Mastercard

New marketing shows Amex has a strategy in place to improve acceptance stats and perceptions.

Your Digital Ads May Not Be Liked

Whether your customers and prospects are viewing your advertising on desktop or on mobile, a recent study showed certain online ad formats are not well received (to put it mildly). It makes use of digital advertising best practices extremely important.

Like It’s 1991: Bank Branch Grand Opening Celebrations

Grand Opening Celebations (GOCs) will continue to thrive as banks across the U.S. better understand their communities (and their expectations)... and know who will show up and party right along with them.

The Everyman Loan from Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs is investing heavily in marketing a new lending platform. Here's our take on the brand's approach, which includes social media and traditional direct mail.