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Millennial Marketing Tips

A Millennial’s Take on the Right Vibe for Financial Services Marketing

In addition to noting some ground rules about Millennial marketing – like “avoid gimmicks and lengthy sales pitches” – this Millennial Marketing Showcase identifies some positive steps financial services brands are taking to reach this important audience.

Marketers Take Out the Rally Towels for Consumer Financial Education

Financial education efforts not only benefit consumers, but they also make strategic marketing sense. See what top brands are doing on a scale from low-key (conversation) to rally towel (“concert” tour)!

Wells Fargo Gets Out Ahead of Competitors With Cardless ATM Push

Cardless ATMs are among those “banking innovations” that have been long-touted, but so far failed to break though. However, with Bank of America, Chase and Wells Fargo all making strong pushes to adopt this, 2017 could be the year of change.

Summary of Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa Card benefits

Wells Fargo Debuts the Cash Wise Visa

Informed by consumer survey insights that show cash rewards are likely to influence spending, Wells Fargo has introduced a new cash back Visa credit card with unlimited 1.5% cash rewards.

Wells Fargo Reward Program Enhancements Designed to Earn Customer Loyalty

Wells Fargo Aims to Boost Cardholder Loyalty with Updated Rewards Program

The new Wells Fargo credit card rewards program gives cardholders access to new rewards, perks and functionality. Some of the enhancements clearly will appeal to Millennials – a segment most banks are working hard to attract and satisfy.

Why American Express is Going Old School to Promote the Future

Apple Pay, and other apps like it, could eventually signal a change in how consumers think about and use payment products. And to promote this cutting edge, possibly game changing way to pay, Amex decides to roll out old ad clips. Why evoke these iconic images for such a new piece of technology?

Top 10 Financial Services Marketing Posts for 2014

The Financial Services Team at Media Logic publishes dozens of financial service marketing articles each year, paying close attention to what resonates with clients and other readers. It’s always interesting to note what’s most popular: it reflects some of the year’s most interesting trends and developments along with long-held priorities for the industry. Here’s this year’s list, our “Top 10” financial services marketing posts for 2014.

Wells Fargo uses social media and pop-up stores to launch Apple Pay

Wells Fargo Uses Social Media and Pop-Up Stores to Launch Apple Pay

If you want to talk about timeliness and relevance in bank marketing, you’re going to have to include an anecdote about how Wells Fargo organized pop-up stores in San Francisco to promote the launch of Apple Pay.

Wells Fargo’s Got It. It Just Needs to Flaunt It!

It’s possible that Wells Fargo did execute a coordinated promotion strategy, and we just can’t find samples of it. But it’s also possible that the bank overlooked the most important part of a promotion: making sure to promote it. Even the posts that we did discover don’t fully explain the prizes.

Wells Fargo Stories: Bank’s New Content Marketing Strategy is Both Responsive and Social

A helping hand when home repairs become daunting. A clothing drive without borders. A ‘green’ home for a Purple Heart. Those are some recent headlines at Wells Fargo Stories, a new website aimed at adding another facet to the financial institution’s content marketing effort.