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Senior Media Habits Survey Survey

Medicare Marketing Insights: 2019 Senior Media Preferences

In order to optimize Medicare marketing budgets, it is important to understand ever-changing senior media preferences and habits. This is year two of our Senior Media Habits Study designed to help healthcare marketers keep tabs on the current trends.

New Medicare Plan Finder (MPF)

The New Medicare Plan Finder: A Deep Dive on the User Experience… From an Actual User

For the 2020 Medicare AEP, CMS introduced a new Medicare Plan Finder (MPF) designed to streamline the overall user experience. We decided to ask an actual usual to report back to us on her thoughts when using this new tool.

medicare what's covered app

What’s Up with Medicare’s New ‘What’s Covered’ App?

CMS' 'What's Covered' app is the latest example of how digital technology and communications are becoming more and more a part of seniors' everyday lives, especially as trailing Baby Boomers age into Medicare.

insights for marketing to seniors

3 Insights for Effectively Marketing to Seniors

Our 2018 Senior Media Habits Study revealed that senior media habits are not only evolving, but are diverse. Based on responses to our study, we recognized opportunities for effectively marketing to the senior segment, and we have a few insights that can help.

2018 Senior Media Habits Survey

Senior Media Preferences Are Evolving

Targeting the 65+ audience requires an integrated, diverse media approach. Use results from Media Logic’s 2018 Media Habits Study to optimize channel selection and reach current and potential customers effectively.

Baby Boomers All Grown Up: What You Need to Know about Today’s Seniors When Marketing Medicare

As the Baby Boomers are entering retirement age and beyond, we’re coming to know a different kind of senior – one who’s physically active, adventurous, self-reliant and tech-savvy. Here's what it means for your Medicare marketing...

seniors want to use digital health tools in management of their healthcare

Report: Digital Health Tools, Management Important to Seniors

In what may be a wake-up call for the healthcare industry, it seems that today’s seniors are not only more tech-savvy than previously assumed -- they’re actually looking to use technology and digital tools to actively manage their healthcare.

Factors influencing how seniors choose and change Medicare and Part D plans

What Factors Influence How Seniors Choose and Change Health Plans?

Shopping when there are so many choices can be overwhelming. As a result, a part of any payer’s marketing strategy has to be to simplify the process for seniors while standing out in a crowded field... and the initial enrollment is the most crucial time to earn customers.

Does Your Healthcare Marketing for Boomers and Seniors Include Web and Mobile?

Seniors and boomers do rely on the Internet for information… a fact that ought to cause marketers in all sectors, including healthcare, to reevaluate media and content outlets for their direct-to-consumer (DTC) messaging.

Engaging the Aging: Creating Conversation for SilverSneakers

Through our recent work with Healthways SilverSneakers, Media Logic is proving the value of strategic social marketing for membership-based organizations. In partnership with us, SilverSneakers has employed a nimble social media content development strategy and our revolutionary social media management suite, Zeitgeist & Coffeesm, to enhance its engagement with members – increasing participation, fostering loyalty and stimulating new membership growth. Watch as our conversation manager, Michelle, provides a behind-the-scenes look at how Media Logic and SilverSneakers are using social media as a marketing tool for collaboration and interaction with an active community of older adults.