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Direct Mail Continues to Prove Its Value in Marketing Strategies

Direct mail can be innovative, succeed across age groups and be cost-effective. We’ve seen time and time again how hard direct mail works for a brand, including improving the ROI of integrated marketing strategies. It’s great to see its consistency and reputation reflected, once again, by the data.

insights for marketing to seniors

3 Insights for Effectively Marketing to Seniors

Our 2018 Senior Media Habits Study revealed that senior media habits are not only evolving, but are diverse. Based on responses to our study, we recognized opportunities for effectively marketing to the senior segment, and we have a few insights that can help.

2018 Senior Media Habits Survey

Senior Media Preferences Are Evolving

Targeting the 65+ audience requires an integrated, diverse media approach. Use results from Media Logic’s 2018 Media Habits Study to optimize channel selection and reach current and potential customers effectively.

How to get the most strategic value out of your healthcare marketing metrics

6 Tips for Getting Strategic Value from Your Healthcare Marketing Metrics

Even though everyone understands that metrics are necessary and can be instructive, it’s often difficult to know how to configure the proper tracking and reporting mechanisms. To help you set everything up – or ask the right questions as you work with a partner or healthcare marketing agency – here are six tips to ensure that you get the full strategic value from your healthcare marketing metrics.

At-A-Glance: American Express EveryDay Getaway

The American Express Everyday card has launched officially and is being promoted heavily though an integrated marketing campaign that includes TV spots, emails, social media and promotions. It was the promotions part of the launch campaign that caught our eye, in particular, "The Epic EveryDay Getaway."

Top 4 Factors of an Integrated Approach to Search Engine Optimization and Social Media

More often than not, Media Logic sees companies significantly concentrating on either SEO or social marketing… So how can they effectively integrate both in a strategic approach without expending twice the time and resources? To help provide some direction, I decided to reach out to Media Logic colleague, Danny Dover, an influential SEO expert at SEOmoz, to determine a few key factors in developing an approach that effectively integrates search engine optimization and social media on a small scale. After putting our heads together, we’ve come up with 4 critical success factors for an integrated approach to search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing...