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St. Peter’s Health Partners: Evolving the Brand Story

Including TV, print and digital, Media Logic's campaign for St. Peter's Health Partners profiled positive outcomes in cardiac care, oncology and orthopedics – highlighting the stories of patients and the dedicated team of medical professionals who made those stories possible.

Hospital and Physician Marketing in the Era of (Nearly) Meaningless Online Ratings

Contrary to popular belief – and the lingering fear of healthcare providers – it’s not vengeful or angry reviewers that skew online physician ratings. It's also not related to the assumption that people are more likely to post negative reviews. Instead, skewed results are actually due to low numbers: ratings and rankings typically lack enough data to be statistically meaningful.

how digital and social tools may reduce hospital readmissions

Can Digital and Social Tools Reduce Hospital Readmissions?

Though not without problems, new technologies point to solutions for healthcare communications beyond print discharge papers. And the good news is not all of them require investment in a mobile app. Many existing digital and social tools already have the potential to assist with communication that can reinforce physician instructions and clear up confusion and, as a result, have the potential to avoid unnecessary readmissions.

Hospitals Beware: Your Chargemaster May Be Killing Your Brand

After a recent blood test, I received a bill that indicated the cost would be $527.00. Yikes! Fortunately, the invoice also showed an adjustment of $494.49 for which my insurance company seemed to be given the credit. Good news for me. Not so good for the hospital.

What Facebook Zero Means for Healthcare Marketers

If you’ve invested in creating a robust liker base for your hospital’s Facebook page, you may be thinking, “What now?” And if you’re just getting started with marketing providers and services via Facebook, you may be thinking, “Why bother?” Take heart.