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Clover Health Medicare model uses technology

Clover Health’s Medicare Model Uses Technology to Improve Member Health

Healthcare startup Clover Health believes that traditional insurers in the Medicare space don’t do enough to leverage their data (as reported by Fierce HealthPayer), and it plans to compete for Medicare business via a technology-heavy model it says can save money and improve clinical outcomes. It may be working. As reported by Fortune, “In the […]

Where do doctors, patients and insurers stand on digital health?

Adoption of Digital Health and #mHealth: Where Do Consumers, Providers and Payers Stand?

While patients and doctors work on their relationships with healthcare data, insurers are working out some of their own issues with technology. Whether through online cost and price transparency tools, new mobile apps or other digital health initiatives, payers are figuring out how to use technology to improve products and customer service for the same very compelling reason: it’s what consumers have come to expect.