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When Is Less More? Plain-Text vs. HTML Email

The argument against advanced HTML emails used to center around how they couldn’t be supported across mobile channels, but advances in technology have eliminated many of those barriers. However, now that HTML-heavy email is a viable option, is it always the most effective approach for your email marketing? New evidence suggests it may not be.

plain text email vs. html email

When Is Less More? Plain-Text vs. HTML Email

Even though technology is giving us more tools than ever, email marketers need to take a “less is more” approach, with efficient and succinct messaging and design. Simple is better when it comes to both plain-text and HTML email.

creating mobile email that works

Creating Mobile Email That Works

Simply put: if your emails are not mobile-friendly, you are literally turning away prospects at the door. Here are six things you should be doing to optimize your emails for today’s mobile audience.