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D-SNP Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

Common Themes Found in D-SNP Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

As a market poised for continued growth, many insurers are making a strong D-SNP push. Here's a few examples of direct marketing tactics used by insurers.

2019 medicare AEP

2019 Medicare AEP Campaign Highlights from Regional Health Insurers with Strong Enrollment Growth

With the switch rate for the Medicare Annual Election Period (AEP) ticking up this year, it wasn't just the national plans who made big gains. We took some time to study some successful regional health plans.

What’s in an OE? Capital One Looks to Find Out

What’s in an OE? Capital One Looks to Find Out

Is beauty only skin deep? That seems to be the question Capital One is asking with different versions of its current direct mail acquisition packages. Media Logic’s financial services marketing experts take a look at what the brand may be testing… and why.

Campaign Highlights from Insurers with Top 2018 Medicare Advantage Enrollment Gains

In reviewing direct mail and print marketing tactics used by insurers with this year’s biggest Medicare Advantage enrollment gains, we noticed a continuation of common themes from previous years and a few new highlights.

direct mail as an effective way to reach Millennials

Why Direct Mail Can Be an Effective Way to Reach Millennials

These findings don’t suggest we should abandon digital channels when communicating with Millennials. However, in a crowded digital environment, direct mail may be a smart way to break through the clutter and reach this valuable demographic.

What I’ve Discovered About the Discover it Direct Mail Marketing Strategy

Discover has a killer acquisition mail strategy. It tests offers, formats, colors, charts, Johnson boxes, copy and hard-working vs. more creative approaches. You name it; Discover tests it.

Medicare Direct Mail Messaging Survey

Medicare Marketing Insights: What Direct Mail Messaging Do Seniors Prefer?

Direct mail plays a critical role in Medicare AEP marketing campaigns, so creating pieces that will be opened and elicit response is key. Last month, we released the findings from Part 1 of our Medicare marketing report on seniors’ preferences related to direct mail designs. But when it comes to successful direct mail, design is only part of the equation. In order for direct mail to be effective, the right messaging is also essential.

The Envelope? Please! Direct Mail Implications of the Oscars Best Picture Mess-up

Was that Oscars moment inevitable? Or did design flaws cause the Best Picture mistake? Our direct mail experts weigh in. Their conclusion: DM 101 could have saved the day!

How Insurers Used Direct Mail for Large Enrollment Gains During Medicare AEP

In 2014, “$0 plan premiums” dominated many of Medicare direct mail packages. In 2015, however, insurers focused direct mail on other benefits of their plans, using $0 plan premiums as a secondary proof-point. How did this play out in the direct mail packages of United, Aetna, Cigna and Kaiser? With help from Competiscan, we reviewed some of the direct mail tactics used by each of these insurers.

Video technology plus direct mail

DRS Pairs Video with Proven Direct Mail Tactics

The innovative direct mail piece was a powerful vehicle for showcasing the GCBT video to high-value prospects. Its format made a powerful impression and begged to be shared.