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Bank of America life stage marketing

Bank of America Turns Life Stage Into a Product

While many financial institutions attempt to market life stage banking products/services and implement effective migration strategies we haven’t seen any do so as clearly and effectively – or in such a “productified” way – as Bank of America.

marketing strategies for encouraging sticky behaviors for credit card customers

Increase Sticky Behavior to Prevent Credit Card Switching

One effective strategy to help discourage card switching is to encourage “sticky behavior,” or card usage that requires effort on the cardholder’s part to change in the future. Types of sticky behavior include automatic bill payments, online purchase platforms and mobile wallets and apps.

Mobile engagement as a factor in the customer experience of healthcare brands

Insurers Turn to Mobile Technology to Increase Customer Engagement

While most payers have mobile apps, the question is whether or not they meet consumer needs and expectations. Without discounting the value of apps that provide users with easy access to relevant tasks and functions, insurer apps can be more than utilitarian. They have the potential to do more than mimic desktop portals.

Chase Freedom allows point of sale credit card rewards redemption

Chase Freedom Mobile App Offers Rewards Redemption at Point of Sale

The redemption of rewards is easily the most important part of any loyalty program. Earning rewards can be passive, but redeeming them is a point of engagement between customers and brand. And when the process is satisfying for customers? It’s proven to be the best way to sustain interest in the rewards program… and the card.

Future of Healthcare Isn’t Just Gadgets and Gizmos

We’ve been having some very interesting conversations about our recent video on consumer expectations around the products and services they use… and how those expectations continue to challenge the healthcare industry, specifically health insurance.

The Importance of Social at Chase

Chase has opened a Social Media Command Center, relocating the financial service company's social service team into a new high-profile and high-tech location at the Columbus McCoy Center. The move takes its social media team out of an invisible location and showcases it via the equivalent of NBC Today’s street side studio at Rockefeller Center.

Wells Fargo Appreciates “Tips” from Customers

Wells Fargo used Facebook and Twitter to share "Tip Jar" posts, which asked fans and followers for their suggestions on select financial topics. The effort illustrates something critical about social media marketing: it doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. Sometimes, the best approach to engagement can be the easiest… a simple invitation to a relevant conversation.

Twitter Tips: 6 Brand-Building Uses for the RT

What’s the one thing more than 500 million Twitter accounts have in common? Love of the RT, of course! The retweet is more than a basic mechanism for engaging in conversation on Twitter – being retweeted is one of the thrills of participating in the micro-blogging platform. Many Twitter users are able to leverage it as currency. In fact, we’ve noticed many retailers using retweets in their brand-building efforts. A cursory look at apparel brands on our Retail Social Juice Index over the last day or so reveals a number of opportunities retailers are seizing via the retweet, including influencer marketing.